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Solid Timber Dining Table Collection by KARPENTER & Tresna

Dive into the realm of pure sophistication and innovative design with the "Solid Timber Dining Table" collection. A collaboration between the artistic genius of KARPENTER and the timeless elegance of Tresna, this range promises a fusion of urban chic sophistication and age-old Javanese aesthetics.

A Masterful Blend of Tradition & Modernity
Founded on the principles of impeccable craftsmanship and innovation, KARPENTER is renowned for its dynamic solid wood creations that seamlessly fit into diverse interiors - from the minimalistic to the extravagant. These pieces aren't just furniture; they're an ode to the natural splendor of timber, designed with sleek edges, soft curves, and gentle angles. Every piece is a testament to the brand's promise of durability, elegance, and an unspoken sense of home.

On the other side, we have Tresna, born out of a deep-rooted love for Indonesian craftsmanship. Founded by the visionary duo, Faraj Achmad and Duane Franklin, Tresna's essence is all about highlighting the natural allure of wood – its rich grain, rustic color, unique knots, and those beautiful imperfections. Every piece here isn't just furniture; it's a celebration of nature and tradition.

Sustainability at its Core
But beyond the beauty and design, lies a deep commitment to our planet. Both KARPENTER and Tresna prioritize sustainability. KARPENTER ensures each furniture piece stands tall, not just in design but in eco-conscious practices. Tresna, rooted in its Indonesian origins, champions the use of SVLK-certified teak and local rattan. The water-based finishes further ensure minimized environmental impact.

Experience Dining Like Never Before
Our "Solid Timber Dining Table" collection stands as a convergence of two worlds – the modern design ethos of KARPENTER and the timeless charm of Tresna. Revel in the luxury of dining on a table that’s more than a mere piece of furniture; it's a story, an experience, and a testament to craftsmanship, innovation, and sustainability. Experience the essence of two brands coming together, creating masterpieces that not only stand the test of time but also stand as a beacon for environmentally responsible luxury.

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