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Hallway & Entryway Furniture

Make the hallways and entrance in your home more than just an area you pass through to get to another room in your home. These spaces are often overlooked, but they can be practical, functional and look great with the addition of some key pieces.

First impressions always count

The entrance of any home serves many purposes. Of course, we use it as the way to get in and out of our homes. And because of this, we need to create an entryway and hallway that welcomes you home, but also makes it easy for you to get out of the door fast each morning.

But besides being a practical place, it’s also the first glimpse of our home that we give to visitors, so why not make sure your personal style extends to this area and welcomes any guest?

To make sure your hallways are working harder and smarter for you, keep reading to find out the key pieces you can add to your home to transform your bare halls today.  

Console tables & sideboards

Every home could do with more storage, and a console table is a simple way you can add storage to your home. Particularly practical by your front door, a console table can be the perfect place for you to keep your keys, masks, hand sanitisers, and anything you need to take with you when you leave your home tomorrow.

Console tables and sideboards are available in a variety of styles, from simple straightforward tables to those with cupboards and drawers for additional storage. But they aren’t only about practicality, you can create a welcoming vibe and showcase your home’s aesthetic with artwork, vases or a favourite treasure atop.


Another way you can make your home’s entry way or hallways more inviting as well as practical, is with the addition of an indoor bench.  This can be a place for the kids to get their shoes on before schools, or for you to collect everything you need before heading out the door.

Like a console table, a bench isn’t only about practicality, it can also be a way to display some of your favourite prints, paintings, and photographs.

Coat racks & hangers

Winter brings out the coats and scarves and finding somewhere to store your coats during the colder seasons can be made easy with the addition of a coat rack to your hallway. Make it easy for you to you get out the door fast by having your coats, jackets and scarves all waiting for you ready to go.

Ladder wall shelves

Smaller spaces can still have practicality and storage added in the form of ladder shelves. Ladder shelving utilises the vertical space you have available and minimising the floor space taken up.  Available in a variety of styles, you can opt for simple leaning display ladders, to entire ladder shelving units that have shelves, drawers, and cupboards.

Shoe racks

To make it even easier to get out the door each day, add storage for your shoes in the form of a shoe rack cabinet. You can keep your shoes out of sight in a stylish shoe cupboard. The shoe rack cabinet can also act as a console table where you can keep your keys, wallet and whatever else you need each day atop it.


The addition of a mirror to your hallway or entryway is not only practical, giving you somewhere you can check your reflection as you head out the door. A mirror can open up a space and make it feel larger, but it can also harness the lighting of your home and enhance it, making your space feel more inviting and homely.

Make use of your hallways with SLH

At SLH, our furniture has been designed with usability, contemporary style, practicality, and sustainability in mind. Our aim is create pieces that are not only strong and durable, but because of their timeless designs, they will stand the test of time.

We work hard to intricately design each piece of furniture, and our hallway furniture is no exception to this. Artisanship, authenticity and craftsmanship are some of our most important values and this is reflected well in each piece of designer furniture we create.

It is our goal to create furniture that will not cost the earth – we focus on ethical sourcing and sustainable practices. Using FSC approved recycled and upcycled timbers, each piece of SLH designer furniture has a story and our range embraces the history of the materials used, and we pride ourselves on the unique properties of our range.

If you’re ready to turn your boring hallways and entrance into a practical and stylish space, then we can easily help you here at SLH.  Our range of hallway furniture is available to buy online, or you can visit our Sydney Showroom and see each piece for yourself. If you shop online with anywhere in Australia, we offer Australia-Wide Shipping.  We also offer premium shipping options for orders to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

If you have any questions about our range of hallway furniture, or any of our designer furniture, then get in touch with our team today.

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