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Twist Tallboy - European Oak
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Twist Tallboy - European Oak


    Solid Tallboy - European Oak


      Vintage Tallboy - European Oak


        Twist Tallboy - FSC Recycled Teak


          Vintage Tallboy - FSC Recycled Teak
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          Vintage Tallboy - FSC Recycled Teak


            Twist Tallboy - Satin Black


              Solid Tallboy - FSC Recycled Teak


                Contemporary Designer Tallboys Online Australia

                Every home could do with more storage. Your home could be full of cupboards, shelves and wardrobes, and it just wouldn’t be enough. This is where functional and stylish pieces like Tall Boys come in. 

                Taller than a conventional set of drawers, and usually not as wide, a tall boy offers a slim, sleek and incredibly practical storage solution that can be added to any room of the home.

                Most commonly at home in the bedroom, the tall boy is the perfect place to store the things you want to keep nearby but out of sight, like socks, underwear, and gym clothes. It’s the perfect wardrobe extension.

                A tall boy isn’t only at home in the bedroom though, the contemporary styles we have available at SLH means that they can be proudly on display in any room of the home. You can add a tall boy to the living room to store away the throws, entertainment accessories and the bits and pieces that never have a home; or one can be perfect paperwork and office supplies storage in your home office; a tall boy can remove the hassle of trying to hang up baby clothes; and it can be an easy way to make the most of empty spaces in the home like the hallway.

                A tall boy is also a great storage solution for smaller homes as they make use of the vertical space, standing higher than a standard chest of drawers or console, but still offering the privacy that a bookcase doesn’t always provide.

                But it’s not just the obvious internal storage a tallboy adds to any room of any home. It offers a place to display your favourite or most used possessions on top.  Proudly display coffee table books, family photos, artworks and prints on top. Add extra lighting to any room with a table lamp on top, you’ll draw the eye to your stylish tallboy as well as any of your treasures you display on top.

                Or you can make your tallboy even more practical and incorporate it into your daily routine.  Consider adding a mirror to the wall above and using the tall boy as a dressing table. Store your most used makeup, perfume, watches or jewellery on top – always nearby and easy to grab.

                Materials matter at SLH

                Practicality can be stylish too, and our range of tall boys at SLH have been made to fit into any style home. Contemporary yet classic in design, SLH’s collection of tall boys are available in American Walnut, Recycled Teak, and European Oak.

                At SLH, sustainable practices are a priority as we want to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible. We use FSC accredited recycled teak and ethically sourced European Oak and American Black Walnut in many of our designs. We also use upcycled mixed hardwood from decommissioned fishing vessels. We aim to use local and upcycled material where possible to reduce our carbon footprint.

                Shop for tallboys at SLH Furniture

                If you’re ready to add extra storage in the form of a sleek and elegant tall boy, then SLH has what you need. Our range of tall boys are available to buy online no matter where you are in Australia, or you can shop instore at our Sydney showroom, where you can discover not only our tall boys but also our entire range of indoor and outdoor furniture. Shopping online is easy, we offer Australia-wide shipping, with premium express shipping options for Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney available.

                If you have any questions about our range of tall boys and dressers, or any of our designer furniture, then get in touch with the team today.

                @slh_furniture on Instagram