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The dining room is the heart of many homes. It's where family and friends gather over plates of delicious food. It's the place where stories and laughs are shared together. It's where some work and school assignments get done too.  And sometimes, it's also where issues at the house are resolved.

And at the centre of all of these gatherings, hearty meals, and pep talks, is the workhorse of the space: the dining table.  It's one of the most used pieces of furniture in the house.  And as simple as it may be, it can make or break your dining room. 

Being such an important piece in the dining room, it's only fitting that the table must be sturdy, low-maintenance, and must tie the room together.  If you're looking for a new dining-table or planning to replace the old one, there are some things that you must consider: 

The Space
Assessing the space is always the first step in buying any kind of furniture. The size of the table will ultimately depend on the size and shape of the room and how many people will it accommodate. Not to mention that you have to comfortably walk back and forth to the dining room. 
The Material

The material of the table is one of the key factors in finding a great table.  You can either go for glass, concrete, bamboo, marble or wooden materials depending on what style you're going for.

Here in SLH Furniture, we use a great range of solid and sustainable timbers to make high-quality dining tables. We pride ourselves on our withstanding and fashionable tables that are made of European Oak, Reclaimed Teakwood and Black Walnut. 

The reclaimed woods that we use in our home pieces are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council which means that we comply with the standards regarding sustainable forests and plantation management. 

The Shape of Your Dining Table

Like mentioned above, the size and shape of a table will ultimately depend on how big the space is. SLH offers several shapes of dining tables like rectangle, square, round and oval.

If you love a more versatile shape, then go for rounded tables. Available in both small or large sizes, they work in any kind or shape of room. Because of the circular shape, tables like this allow everyone to easily talk with each other and feel more connected.

For a shape that fits perfectly with symmetry and balance, opt for a square dining table. Ideal for seating equal numbers of people on all sides, these tables are perfect for creating a sense of order and organization within a space. They work well in square rooms and can add a sense of proportion and structure to your dining area.
Why Shop at SLH Furniture for Your Dining Table Needs?

Here at SLH Furniture, we value the artisanship and sustainability of every bespoke and modern dining table that we make. That's why we only source FSC-approved materials like our reclaimed teak, European oak, and black walnut, each of which is stylish, versatile and withstanding.  This ensures that not only will you have a unique piece of furniture, you've got one that will last. 

Simply put, we are a team with a mission.  And our goal is to lessen our environmental footprint as much as possible, while providing you the durable and aesthetically pleasing furniture.  Learn more about our advocacy here

If you're looking to update your dining area, drop our showroom in Sydney to look and feel our bespoke pieces in person. Or if you aren't in the area, you can shop online as well, with Australia-Wide shipping available, and premium express options for Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane available. 

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