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Koppar Sideboard with 2 Doors - European Oak
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Koppar Media Cabinet with 3 Doors - European Oak
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Circa Floating Cabinet Module 5 - European Oak
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Soho Wall Unit Double - European Oak
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Circa Floating Cabinet Module 4 - European Oak
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Twist Bookcase - European Oak



    Solid TV Unit - European Oak



      Vintage Console 1 Shelf - European Oak
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      Roots TV Unit - European Oak
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      Roots TV Unit - European Oak



        Tika Console



          Circa Floating Cabinet Module 2 - European Oak
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          Roots Sideboard - European Oak



            Sublime Box Wall Unit Large
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            Twist Bookcase - FSC Recycled Teak
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            Roots Shoe Rack -European Oak



              Ki Console Table - European Oak



                Sideboards, Shelving & Storage

                No matter how many cupboards we have in our homes, it always feels like there is never enough storage room! However, storage woes can be a thing of the past with the right furniture.

                At SLH our range of storage solutions is vast, with options made from an array of recycled and upcycled materials. Our range is sleek, contemporary, and simple, allowing it to be at home in any home.

                Storage for any space

                Any and every room can have additional storage added to it with the right pieces of furniture. Consider adding any of the following pieces to your home.


                A sideboard is at home in any space. From bedrooms, to living rooms, dining rooms to the entry way, a sideboard is the versatile storage addition that gives you a chance to hideaway the items you want to keep away from prying eyes, while also displaying your favourite treasure atop.

                Consider adding a sideboard to your entry way to keep things like masks, hand sanitisers, umbrellas, and other things you may need to grab on your way out the door.

                TV, Media & Entertainment Units

                An entertainment unit is a simple way to not only give your television a home, but also add a little extra storage to your living space. Stylish options with built in storage gives you the ability to hide away unsightly cords and gaming consoles. While simple, minimal shelving units gives you a home for your tv, while taking up only minimal space.

                For large living spaces, consider a low, wide entertainment unit with built in drawers, and in smaller spaces, opt for space saving compact tv unit.

                Bookcases & Wall Units

                Say goodbye to old, boring bookcases, and have a look at our range of simple, easy to integrate bookshelves and wall cupboard units at SLH.

                Bookcases give you storage options not only for your reading collection, but also a place to display those favourite pieces, and with many slim and compact options available, bookshelves take advantage of your vertical space available, without encroaching on your floor space too much.

                For homes that are more open plan living, consider using a bookshelf to divide a room. Practical and simple, add privacy without closing off a space.

                Ladder Shelving

                Another way to save on floorspace and use that vertical space in your home is with ladder shelving. Designed to lean up against walls, ladder shelves add a touch of intrigue and modernity to any space and make simple storage solutions.

                Ladder shelving is minimalistic and offers a Scandinavian touch to any home, while also simply giving you more storage in your home.

                Floating Shelves

                For homes that are lacking in space, or simpler in design, a floating shelf can be the perfect way to add extra storage to any room.

                Add extra storage to your home without the burden of finding floorspace for your new furniture.

                Console Tables

                table can be a simple way to add storage to a space. Slim in design, a console table is right at home by your front door. Keep your keys handy and add some extra lighting to this space with a lamp stop your console table.

                Great for smaller homes, or smaller spaces like hallways, a console table can be used to display artwork, or keep little things out of the way. Choose a design with a shelf built in for some additional storage.

                Tall Boys & Chest of Drawers

                Predominantly at home in the bedroom, a chest of drawers or tallboy is perfect for additional wardrobe space.  Let’s face it, no wardrobe is big enough, but with the addition of a chest of drawers, you can ensure your clothing stays organised, and it gives you an excuse to shop a little more.

                Consider using a tallboy or chest of drawers outside the bedroom.  Home offices and Living rooms are two spaces that you might be surprised how easily a set of drawers may fit in and help you stay organised. While a chest of drawers in your hallway can give you extra storage for household items like linen and towels.

                Shoe racks

                Finding a home for our shoes has always been a tricky task. If you want to keep your shoes handy but out of sight, a stylish, simple shoe rack or cabinet may be what you’ve been searching for. Small compact designs give you a home for your shoes but also a place to put your keys atop, and any other knick knacks you may need when you’re heading out.

                Compact Cabinets

                The point of extra storage is to help you make the most of your space and take up less of it, so why not opt for a compact cabinet.

                Versatile in nature, a compact cabinet can make a practical and stylish bedside table or be used as that extra bit of storage for those things that just don’t have a home quite yet.

                Extra storage doesn’t have to come at a compromise of space.


                Unfortunately, some homes just do not have enough storage, but this can be fixed by adding a cabinet to your home. Able to be used in the bedroom as a wardrobe, the kitchen as a place to keep your crockery, or the family room to keep throws and games out of the way, a cabinet can be a statement making and versatile addition to your home.

                Stylish designs that fully enclose its contents, a cabinet adds storage to your home and helps you stay organised.

                Choose from classic timber designs that are sleek and durable and will be at home in your home.

                Display Cabinets and Storage Units

                Display your prized possessions, family photos and artwork on cabinets built specifically for this purpose.

                Show who you are and what your style is by choosing a sleek and simple design that lets your favourite pieces do the talking.

                There are no limits on what you put on display, just the limits of your imagination.

                Shop Storage Solutions at SLH

                Making the most of your space and keeping organised can be made so much easier when you shop with SLH. Our range of storage, shelving and sideboards gives you variety when looking for ways to increase your home storage.

                Our pieces are crafted from recycled and upcycled materials, and sustainability is a priority for us. Each piece in our collection is made from high quality materials into high quality furniture, and our craftsmanship shows in each unique piece.

                Shop online for convenience. We ship Australia-Wide, with premium express options for Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane customers. If you are in Sydney, visit our showroom to see our full range in person. Our expert team is ready to help you find your storage solution today.

                @slh_furniture on Instagram