We care about sustainability

At SLH, we are conscious of our environmental footprint, as are our suppliers. We use FSC accredited  recycled teak from various suppliers, or ethically sourced European Oak, and American Black Walnut.

    Upcycled mixed hardwood timbers are purchased and obtained from decommissioned fishing vessels from North Java. These timbers are combined with powdercoated steel, & other locally acquired materials to create unique & eclectic furniture. Utilising local materials & upcycled materials in turn reduces our carbon footprint.

    Teak timber discards from a Government managed teak forest are obtained from one supplier to make truly unique rustic accent pieces roots and all, with a head to tail approach now common in the cooking industry. Natural flaws are displayed like a birth mark, rather than being burnt or ending in landfill. We specialise in timber furniture for residential and hospitality purposes. Our furniture is made to last. We are passionate about our furniture, and the environment as are our suppliers. We invite you to join our journey.