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Designer Lounge Furniture for Your Outdoor Space

If you’re looking to perk up your deck or patio, the perfect way to do it is by styling it with the best ensemble of outdoor lounge furniture in Sydney. SLH Furniture offers a great range of lounge pieces which are made of solid and sustainable timbers and other durable materials. 

These bespoke pieces are also cushioned with all-weather fabrics and textiles. These will not only bring a warm and elegant feel to your outdoor space but will also last for a great number of years despite the outside elements.

While our outdoor lounge furniture comes in a wide variety of styles and colours, we’re not taking away the creative reins from you. If our outdoor lounge chairs don’t sit right with you, we’d be happy to help you customise our outdoor lounges to fit the style you’re going for.

Lounge Chairs

We offer a wide array of lounge chairs so you can mix and match them according to your style. Although we already have configurations of our own, we understand that you’d want your own personal touch to your space.

If you’re going for a very simple set up, you can opt for a one to three-seater lounge module that can either come with just one arm, both arms, or armless.

Daybed Lounges

You can also opt for a grander set up! Our daybed lounges which optionally come with a canopy will certainly beautify your patio. Couple it with several lounge chairs and a centre table, and your patio is ready for guests!

Sun Loungers

If your deck is just near the swimming pool or you’re lucky enough to have a lot of space in your outdoor area, sun loungers are the perfect addition for this space. They could serve as a normal chair when you have guests. But when the sun’s out, you can simply drag them by the pool and soak in the sun.

Coffee Tables

Make your own outdoor café space in your own backyard. One where you can make the seats a little comfier, the ambience quieter, and the coffee cheaper. Although we’re not sure if it will taste better. But at least, the control over the space is yours!

A coffee table helps to nurture the ambiance of relaxation your outdoor lounge furniture creates. Come together with friends and family over snacks, drinks and meals shared over your coffee table.

Footrests and Ottomans

If you have more space for ottomans, go for it! They are not only the perfect accent piece to your outdoor lounges and entire outdoor furniture set up, but they also help to maximise comfort and relaxation.

Ottomans offer not only somewhere for you to relax and put your feet up, they can also add extra seating – and the more the merrier we say!

These are just some of the pieces that you’ll need to transform your patio into the coziest outdoor lounge in Australia. Once you’ve chosen your preferred style and you’ve got the measurements right, all that’s left to do is to buy these outdoor lounges online with SLH.

Get Your Outdoor Lounge Furniture with SLH

With just a few clicks on our website, you can get your hands on the best designer outdoor furniture in Sydney. We’ll even deliver it right to your doorstep, with Australia-Wide shipping options!

If you prefer to shop in person, you can drop by our showroom in Sydney so you can see everything for yourself. Have a feel of the solid and sustainable timbers that have been used to form our elegant furniture by our talented craftsmen.

While we take pride in our products, we also believe that there’s more to it than elegance and comfort.

We’re big on saving nature by being committed to using only FSC-stamped materials so we can leave our environmental footprints to a minimum. You can learn more about our advocacy here.

If you have any questions about our outdoor lounge furniture, or any of our designer furniture range, get in touch with us here today.

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