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Outdoor Tables

An easy way to make the most of your outdoor space is by adding an outdoor table. Whether you’re looking to have guests over for dinner, or just wanting to enjoy a morning cuppa outside, at SLH, our wide range of designer outdoor tables has something for you.

No matter the size of your outdoor area, style of your home, or purpose you have in mind for your table, SLH offers stylish and durable outdoor tables and furniture that has been made to withstand any weather condition.

Outdoor Bar Tables

A bar table can be a great addition to your outdoor space, particularly if you are short on space, or looking to add a few different table options.

Generally higher than a standard dining table, a bar table can be a great place to gather with friends over drinks. Dress up your outdoor bar table with outdoor bar stools to make it a versatile meeting place. Or for larger parties where you need more practical serving space, a bar table can be the perfect option to serve drinks and food from.

Available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, you can opt for large bar tables that can seat up to 10 people or go for a simple option for two.

Outdoor Side Tables

A great practical addition to your outdoor space, an outdoor side table is a convenient and easy way to make even the smallest of spaces so much more functional.

Normally small in nature, a side table adds extra storage and service space to any area of your home, and for the outdoor space it is the perfect place for you to rest drinks, snacks, candles and so much more atop but out of the way.

An outdoor side table can be a great alternative to a coffee or dining table, particularly in small courtyards or balconies. Still enjoy the outdoor space you have without creating clutter or taking up too much. The side table made to withstand the weather conditions might be just what you’re missing in your outdoor space.  

Outdoor Dining Tables

Whether you’re looking for a large or small dining table, we can all agree that if you’ve got the outdoor space for one, and outdoor dining table is an incredible addition to any home.

Available in almost any style and shape, an outdoor dining table can be the place for your family and friends to gather, sharing a meal in the great outdoors.

Create the ultimate meeting place in your own backyard by adding comfortable outdoor dining chairs. And an outdoor dining table isn’t only about meal time, this can be where you enjoy drinks with friends, play games with the family and even do your homework outside.

A dining table made for the outdoors is the must-have addition to the yard of any home. 

Outdoor Coffee Tables

A coffee made for your outdoor space can be at home in just about any outdoor space.  From small city balconies to enormous backyards, the coffee table is an underrated workhorse of any outdoor space.

Instead of a more traditional dining table, a coffee table can be a great place to gather for meals, share snacks and afternoon drinks.  The coffee table creates a relaxing feel with its casual approach. Usually at a lower height than a standard table, the coffee table is the perfect companion to your outdoor seating.

Durability and Style Come Together with SLH's Outdoor Tables

When it comes to any piece of outdoor furniture, one of the most difficult aspects is finding a piece that has been made to truly withstand the outdoor elements.

At SLH, we work hard to ensure that each outdoor piece we bring to life has been made with the most durable (and environmentally friendly) materials we can, and our range of outdoor tables is no exception to this.

Your outdoor table needs to be able to not only withstand the winter elements, but also what you plan to do with it, so we intricately design each piece to ensure that the craftsmanship combined with the high-quality materials means that you will have an outdoor table that has been made to, and will, last you for many years to come.

Our strong history has allowed us to research and experiment a wide variety of materials and styles, and we know what works when it comes to outdoor tables and furniture.

For peace of mind, and of course bespoke designer outdoor furniture, SLH is your number one stop.

Get Your Next Outdoor Table at SLH

At SLH, artisanship, authenticity and craftsmanship are some of our most important values and this is reflected well in each piece of designer furniture we create, including our range of outdoor tables.

It is our goal to create furniture that will not cost the earth – we focus on ethical sourcing and sustainable practices. Using FSC approved recycled and upcycled timbers, each piece of SLH designer furniture has a story and our range embraces the history of the materials used, and we pride ourselves on the unique properties of our range.

If you’re ready to add a practical yet stylish outdoor table to your home’s outdoor space, it’s easy to do so with SLH.  Our range of designer outdoor tables are available to buy online, or you can visit our Sydney Showroom and see each piece for yourself. You can also shop online from anywhere in Australia, we offer Australia-Wide Shipping with premium shipping options for orders to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

If you have any questions about our range of outdoor tables, outdoor furniture, or any of our designer pieces, then get in touch with our team today.

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