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If you’re thinking about adding some life into your home in the form of a plant, you’ve got to make sure you give them their own home within your home, and that’s where a planter or pot comes in handy.

Available in a huge range of styles, sizes and shapes, you’ll most certainly be able to find the right pot plant to suit your home and style preferences when you shop at SLH.

Our designs focus on clean smooth lines and simplistic designs to make them versatile and suitable for any style home – and great for both indoor and outdoors.

We have single small pots and stands, as well as larger pots, planter boxes and bowls, so you can plant a huge variety of plants, from citrus trees to succulents, cactus to monsteras, there is a planter or pot for you at SLH.

How you can buy pots and planters from SLH

It’s simple to buy your planters, pots and pot stands from SLH. We ship our entire range all over the country, so you can buy from the comfort of your home from anywhere in Australia.

If you’re in Sydney and would prefer to see our range of planters and pots in person, you can do so at our designer furniture showroom in Lilyfield. Located only 10 minutes from the Sydney CBD, you can see our pots, planters and our entire range of indoor and outdoor furniture.

You can discover our high-quality furniture and home accessories range and be inspired by how we’ve styled each piece. You can also book in to see our design consultants and get their expert advice.

If you have any questions about our pot plants and planters or any of our furniture, you can always get in touch with us here.

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