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        Kitchen Counter Stools

        A kitchen that includes an island, counter tops or bench space that can double as a breakfast table is a dream come true. Not only can it make a kitchen more versatile and functional but also more elegant.

        If your kitchen has this, you might want to consider adding kitchen counter stools. Modern kitchen stools will not only serve as your chairs when making and eating quick breakfasts, but they can also tie the whole room together! But you don’t just need any kind of dining stools. You need the perfect one to complement the countertop. In addition, they also have to be comfortable and functional.

        When looking for the best stools for your kitchen, there are several features that you have to consider: height, material, style, and seat comfort.

        Kitchen Stool Height

        The size of your stools will ultimately depend on the height of your countertops. For example, if the island stands at 35-37 inches, then a stool that measures about 23-28 inches will compliment it perfectly.

        But if you’re not fond of measurements, you can always opt for bar stools that are adjustable in height. Especially if you have children or friends that may regularly use these kitchen stools.

        Materials & Style

        Breakfast bar stools can be made using various materials like stainless steel, bamboo, resin, timbers or even reclaimed wood.

        You can take advantage of these materials to further enhance the style of your kitchen. For example, wooden stools can be a classy accent to a rustic kitchen. On the other hand mixed materials of wood and metal will certainly bring warmth to your kitchen. Especially if it’s an all-white space.

        Here at SLH Furniture, we mostly use reclaimed wood to make our kitchen stools.  Remnants of timbers are cured, sanded and handcrafted by our local artisans to make stylish and durable furniture.

        Other materials like powder-coated steel, PVC, stainless steel and bamboo are also surefire ways to beautify any space if used properly.


        There are many ways stools can bring comfort to your kitchen. Some bar stools are equipped with armrests, footrests and backrests for ultimate comfort. So if you value this in every dining experience, going for stools that have these features is a good choice.

        Upholstered seats are also a great option if you seek comfortability. Whether they’re made of the traditional leather, imitations, or fabric materials that are removable and washable, they can provide comfort to your body.

        Why shop at SLH Furniture for Designer Kitchen Counter Stools

        SLH Furniture is a haven for those who desire a perfectly styled home. Our great collection of handcrafted furniture and other accessories  are mostly made of FSC-stamped European oak, black walnut and reclaimed timbers. Which is why our showroom and online shop is also the favourite place of nature lovers.

        Come visit our showroom in Sydney and see our gorgeous furniture for yourself. Or you can order them online via our website and we’ll deliver them right through your doorstep. We offer express shipping options to Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne, as well as shipping options Australia-Wide.

        If you want to know more about our sustainable approach to furniture-making, read here.

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