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Click Lounge Chair - Multicolour Blue Stripe
Click Lounge Chair -  Dark Grey
Vespa Casual Chair Artic Iron
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Movida Footstool Artic Iron
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Paon Lounge Chair - Bamboo | Black

Outdoor Chairs & Seating

A chair for your outdoor area is a necessity.  This can be a place that you can eat, read, relax and escape to.  Finding the right seating option for your outdoor area can be overwhelming with the variety of outdoor seating available.

If you have a small space to work with or want to have multiple seating seatings for family and friends, a single seater outdoor chair may be the best option for your outdoor space.

At SLH we have a variety of outdoor chairs available to choose from. We offer outdoor chairs that are perfect for dining, chairs made for you to relax in, sunrocker chairs, lowback and highback chairs all made from a variety of materials.

One of the most important elements when selecting an outdoor chair is the durability of the materials used to create the piece. You want a stylish piece that will not only look great but last a long time.

At SLH we work hard to source sustainable materials that are high-quality and durable in nature. Our range includes options made using recycled and upcycled metals, powder coated aluminium, timbers, and waterproof upholstered fabrics.

Each of our outdoor chairs has been made with practical style elements and materials to ensure it can withstand many different weather conditions, with many styles designed to avoid water pooling on the seat.

You can mix and match your outdoor seating with larger pieces, or other accessories available from SLH Furniture.

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Here at SLH we believe that durable and practical furniture can be stylish and timeless. At SLH each of our outdoor chairs has been designed with your usability in mind. We want to ensure that every single chair will not only last a long time in the outdoor elements, but it can also work for any style home.

It is not only the durability we focus on when we create our outdoor chairs, we truly are concerned with the sustainability of how each piece is created. We aim to provide our customers with practical and beautiful furniture that has been made with materials that have been sustainably and ethically sourced, with recycled and upcycled materials being commonly used throughout each piece of furniture we create. Our aim is to reduce our environmental impact at every step of our furniture creation journey.

You can shop our range of practical and stylish outdoor chairs both instore and online. Visit our Sydney Showroom to see our designs in person, you can discover how we’ve styled each piece. Or you can shop online as we have ship our design outdoor chairs Australia-Wide. We also offer express shipping options for Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

Shop with SLH for the latest designer outdoor chairs today.

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