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    Koppar Minibar - FSC Teak


      Roots Mini Bar - European Oak
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      Roots Mini Bar - European Oak


        Koppar Minibar - European Oak
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        Koppar Minibar - European Oak



          Shop Minibar Furniture for Your Home

          Create your own signature home bar with a functional yet stylish bar cabinet from SLH.  Our range of mini bars and bar cabinets have been created to provide you practical storage that will be the centrepiece of any party at your home.

          Whether you’re looking for a place to store your wine collection, or somewhere you can mix your cocktails, our range of bar furniture and cabinets are designed to easily fit into your home and make happy hour a lot more fun!

          Why You Need a Minibar in Your Home

          So much more than just décor, a minibar offers you a place to keep your alcohol, cocktail and barware organised and away from prying eyes.

          No longer do you have to duck off to the kitchen to mix up your drinks, you can play bartender with your guests in the living room, dining room, or wherever you wish to set up your bar.

          And you don’t need to worry about trying to find all of your cocktail supplies – glasses, mixers, and tools can all be kept in one place, ready to go. Remove the clutter from the kitchen.

          Our range of bar cabinets and minibars are simple and contemporary in design to ensure that no matter the style of your home, an SLH designer minibar will seamlessly fit in and be the envy of your guests.  

          You can even opt to pair your mini bar cabinet with other dining room and living room pieces available at SLH.  Our entire range of designer furniture, made from high-quality recycled and repurposed timbers and materials has been designed to be classic and timeless in design, and durable in nature.

          Set Up Your Home Bar Today

          While we all have dreams of creating our own home bars, we often don’t have the space for one, but that’s where you’re wrong. A minibar cabinet is a space saving alternative that help you create the home bar of your dreams.

          Sophisticated, compact and simple, the SLH range of minibar cabinets can help you become the host of the century for your guests.

          Each minibar has been designed with subtlety in mind, our range of minibars look just like a normal storage cabinet until you open up the doors. Making them a versatile, practical and fashionable piece of décor for any home.

          Let the Party Begin with a Designer Minibar from SLH

          At SLH, our furniture has been designed with usability, contemporary style, practicality, and sustainability in mind. Our aim is to create pieces that are not only strong and durable, but because of their timeless designs, they will stand the test of time.

          We work hard to intricately design each piece of furniture and décor that we offer, and our range of minibar cabinets and furniture is exception to this. Artisanship, authenticity and craftsmanship are some of our most important values and this is reflected well in each piece of designer furniture we create.

          It is our goal to create furniture that will not cost the earth – we focus on ethical sourcing and sustainable practices. Using FSC approved recycled and upcycled timbers, each piece of SLH designer furniture has a story and our range embraces the history of the materials used, and we pride ourselves on the unique properties of our range.

          If you’re looking to get your own home bar started, it’s easy to do so with SLH.  Our range of designer minibar cabinets are available to buy online, or you can visit our Sydney Showroom and see each piece for yourself. If you shop online with anywhere in Australia, we offer Australia-Wide Shipping.  We also offer premium shipping options for orders to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

          If you have any questions about our range of minibars, bar furniture, or any of our designer pieces, then get in touch with our team today.

          @slh_furniture on Instagram