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Designer Outdoor Dining Tables

One of the most enviable additions to any outdoor space is an outdoor dining table. If you are investing in a new outdoor table or upgrading your current one, you need one that is both stylish and has been made to handle the extreme Australian weather conditions. And at SLH, we are your first choice when it comes to timeless and classically designed outdoor dining furniture that has been made to last.

When it comes to your outdoor dining table, there are a few things to think about before making your final decision. Some of the things you need to consider include:

The Purpose of Your Outdoor Dining Table

While you might think the purpose of your dining table may be obvious, it is important to consider what you may be using it for in addition to dining.

Your outdoor table, like any table in your home, can be used for almost anything. It can be the place you come together with your friends and family for meals and drinks, but it can also be where the kids tackle the homework on nice warm days, where you might play cards with friends in the evening, where you enjoy a warm drink in the morning to get the day started or even your makeshift work bench for those home projects.

Think about this one long and hard, because it will make the next things you need to take into consideration that much easier.

Size of the Table

Of course, the outdoor space you have available will somewhat dictate the size of the outdoor table you choose.

Smaller spaces, like balconies and courtyards may only be able to accommodate tables that seat 2-4 people, while a larger backyard might be able to accommodate tables that seat 10 or so people.

And in addition to the space you have available to you, you need to think about the amount of people who will be using the table regularly.  In addition to those who live in your home, if you have the space, it’s great to be able to accommodate guests as well.

Shape of the Table

Outdoor dining tables are available in a wide variety of shapes – most commonly square, rectangular or round. Each can accommodate more people as they become larger in size, and depending on the style of your home and the space you have available to you, each shape has its pros and cons.

Square dining tables are intimate, usually the most compact in size, and usually able to work in any style home. Each person seated at the table can comfortably speak with one another and have their own personal space.

Rectangular tables are usually the most accommodating in size, and also the most traditional in style.  Dining family style, with everyone being able to comfortable reach and share dishes, is made easy with rectangular tiles.

Round tables are great in both small and large sizes, whether it’s an intimate table for two or a larger family sized table, a round table makes it easy for all guests to talk and share food, though due to its shape, a round table usually needs a slightly larger space to comfortably accommodate it.

Materials Make the Table

One thing that is a must for your outdoor dining table is that it is made from materials that a long-lasting and durable. Not only does the table need to withstand the weather elements, but it also needs to be able to accommodate the weight of your activities.

At SLH, we have been designing, developing and researching outdoor furniture, including outdoor dining tables for many years.  We’re confident that our recycled, and repurposed materials are not only withstanding, but they are also stylish and suitable for any style of home. We focus on creating pieces that are classically designed with timeless appeal.

Whether you’re looking for a table for two or for ten.

Shop Outdoor Dining Tables at SLH

At SLH, artisanship, authenticity and craftsmanship are some of our most important values and this is reflected well in each piece of designer furniture we create, with our range of designer outdoor tables being no exception.

It is our goal to create furniture that will not cost the earth – we focus on ethical sourcing and sustainable practices. Using FSC approved recycled and upcycled timbers, each piece of SLH designer furniture has a story and our range embraces the history of the materials used, and we pride ourselves on the unique properties of our range.

Whether you’re looking for an outdoor dining table for two or ten or many more, SLH makes it easy for you to do so.  Our range of designer outdoor tables are available to buy online, or you can visit our Sydney Showroom and see each piece for yourself. Shop from anywhere in Australia, we offer Australia-Wide Shipping with premium shipping options for orders to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

If you have any questions about our range of dining tables for your outdoor space or any of our designer pieces, then get in touch with our team today.

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