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      Are bar stools higher than counter stools?

      Yes, bar stools are generally higher than counter stools.  

      While bar stools and counter stools often fall under the same category when buying bar stools online, they’re actually distinctly different sized pieces.

      As a general rule, bar stools are around 74 cm, which allows them to be used on bars, islands and tables that are 102 cm high.  On the other hand, counter stools are slightly shorter at around 61 cm high. This makes them more suited to countertops and tables that are much shorter than 89 cm high.

      You can see here that bar stools are roughly 13 cm taller than counter stools.

      While the team at SLH are always available to ensure you get the right-sized bar stool, it's always best to have measured the bar or counter table that you intend to sit them in front of.

      Why are bar stools high?

      Bar stools are high because they’re designed to allow people to sit at bars which are also suitable for people to stand at.

      While your kitchen or living area may be slightly different, think of a classic hotel bar scenario.  Can you picture the barman standing at the other side of the bar, serving you drinks with the bar in between?  How about other customers standing next to you while you sit?

      Bars are built to allow people to stand against, as well as sit at.  By designing bar stools higher than regular chairs or stools, you’re able to maintain a similar eyeline to others who choose to stand.

      Bar stools may be high, but they almost exclusively come with a footrest to save you from the somewhat embarrassing discomfort of having your legs swinging off the ground.

      How many bar stools should I get?

      The answer to how many bar stools you should get, all comes down to your specific bar or counter size and arrangement.

      The most important thing to keep in mind is that you need enough space to comfortably come, go and sit without bumping into those next to you.  You also want to be able to move your arms about while seated, without bumping elbows or feeling cramped.

      When it comes to buying designer bar stools for your home counter or kitchen island, this is especially important as you’re obviously prioritising comfort over commercial patronage.

      We’d recommend allowing about 76 cm for each space at your bar or counter.  Simply measure the length of your counter and then divide this number by 76 and you’ll have a good estimate of how many bar stools you should get.

      Are backless bar stools comfortable?

      The comfort level of backless bar stools comes down to the design of the individual bar stool, as well as your personal ergonomic preferences.  To ensure you’re buying a comfortable bar stool, look for the following:

      • Cushioned surfaces
      • Wide surfaces
      • Saddled surfaces

      Backless modern bar stools often feature padded seats or large bucketed seating that makes them more comfortable than the average stool you’d find within a hotel.

      If a comfortable seat is your number one priority when buying bar stools online, it could be worth looking at a more ergonomic option such as a stool featuring a smaller back or even a high chair design.

      As an alternative, be sure to check out our full range of stools and indoor chairs.  You can also easily get in touch with the SLH team online and take some time to try out the bar stools at our Lilyfield showroom.

      How do I choose a bar stool?

      Before buying a bar stool online, it’s best to have a clear purpose in mind.

      Think about the chair or bar stool’s job within your living space.  If it’s to provide short term seating for your family at a kitchen island, then consider backless, designer bar stools that prioritise aesthetics over comfort.

      If on the other hand, you’re looking to use your kitchen or counter as a primary entertainment space for your family and friends, then a more comfortable or ergonomic chair may be a better choice.  This decision is entirely up to you and comes down to your chosen lifestyle.

      Finally, by first having a counter that allows you to measure the height, width and desired spacing between seating spaces, you'll be able to more clearly choose the right bar stool for the job.

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