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Twist Bookcase - European Oak
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Twist Bookcase - European Oak


    Twist Bookcase - FSC Recycled Teak
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    Twist Bookcase - FSC Recycled Teak


      Simply City Ladder Desk - European Oak
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      Simply City Ladder Desk - European Oak


        Twist Bookcase - Satin Black


          Sublime Open Storage Unit
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          Sublime Open Storage Unit


            Contemporary Designer Bookshelves & Bookcases Australia

            Who wouldn't love seeing books perfectly lined up and arranged accordingly in stylish bookshelves?  Well-organised bookcases are just so pleasing to the eye, especially when adorned with your favourite pictures and possessions amongst the books.  

            To achieve this, first, you'll need a bookcase that will fit your space and accommodate your collection.  Whether it's made out of wood, metal, or glass, what's important is that it works well with your space and the style you want to achieve.  

            Majority of the bookshelves in Australia are traditional in style and are usually carved from wood.  However, if you want to stray away from the traditional and have more of a modern feel, you should opt for the ones that are made of mixed materials. 

            Depending on the design and material, bookcases can work magic in any space.  And with the varying types of bookshelves available, you will be able to find something to suit your style. 

            Standard Bookcases

            As the name suggests, these are the types that you usually see in houses, schools and sometimes even offices. It's a single piece with equally divided shelving and is normally enclosed. You often see these towering bookcases made out of wood, but they’re also available in various measurements and materials.


            Slimline Discreet Bookshelves

            Perfect for smaller spaces, a slimline style bookshelf is usually not quite as deep as a regular bookshelf, however, it will still store books of all sizes.  Slimline book shelves can be at home in any space, even the hallway, adding additional storage to any home.  To cater for books and décor pieces that may be slightly taller, you can opt for a bookshelf that has irregular spacing between the shelves. 

            Closed Back Bookcase

            Many traditional styles of bookcases have backing, making the shelving unit enclosed.  This style is not only traditional, it prevents losing any small books, or little pieces of décor furnishing from slipping away behind the shelf.  Depending on the style of bookcase you choose, a closed back bookcase can make it a feature piece of furniture in your home.  

            Open Back Bookcases 

            An open back bookcase or shelving unit adds additional storage to any space, but can keep the room feeling open and larger.  The open backing allows you to still see the wall space behind it, which allows the flow of the room to be less interrupted. An open backed shelving unit can also be a great way to add a divider or break to a smaller home or open plan living space to add a touch of privacy.  Using a shelving unit this way allows you to display items that can be displayed from 360 degrees. rather than just seeing one angle of them.

            Leaning or Ladder Shelving Units

            Ladder bookcases are a quintessentially stylish option. Adding storage and style to your home, a leaning bookshelf is versatile and usually simplistic in design. 

            A bookshelf like this features a specialized design that gives it a tilted look when leaned on the wall. It’s horizontal shelves, on the other hand, resemble the steps which make the whole ensemble look like a ladder.

            These are a great addition to your living room for it will not only help you organize your stuff but also give a fresh and modern look to your spaces.

            Barrister-Style Bookcases

            Barristers are a gem of the past. You’ve seen this in movies, old offices and museums. And up until now, there are a few out there that are up for grabs. Originally, this type of bookcase was crafted so lawyers can store their voluminous collections of law books. It features smoked glass doors that can be locked to keep the book in place every time it has to be moved from one space to another.


            Buy your new bookcase at SLH Furniture

            If you’re looking for stylish and sustainably made bookcases, then SLH Furniture is the right choice for you. SLH Furniture keeps a great collection of chic and modern shelves that are mostly made out of reclaimed woods from fishing vessels.

            Yes, we’re both book and nature lovers out here. We know how to handcraft sturdy and eco-friendly bookshelves for our endeared rare collections of fiction and non-fiction. And we know you need it as much as we do.

            You can shop online, with Australia-Wide shipping available, and premium express shipping options available from Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.  You can also choose to visit our showroom in Sydney to see our designs, and whole range of furniture in person. 

            If our sustainable movement piques your interest, you can learn more about it here.

            @slh_furniture on Instagram