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At SLH, we have always endeavoured to provide furniture with a recycled, or sustainable element. The Tropica Driftwood  & Suar wood collections hit the sustainable brief on the head.

The Teak timber for the Driftwood collection is sourced from the discarded components from large furniture manufacturers. These discards are hand-carved or pieced together to produce unique contemporary designs which highlight the natural knots, burrs and defects like a tattoo or scar. These unique features also make each piece one of a kind and a great conversation starter. 

The Suar wood is a fast-growing hardwood naturally blond in colour, but with natural honey and brown tones within the grain. These organic shapes are hand-carved and filled to highlight the smooth organic forms.

Suar wood has a naturally high moisture content, & is susceptible to forming natural cracks in the grain. This accentuates the natural beauty of the timber tones and grain, thus becoming a unique feature of this type of timber.

These natural flaws will develop and continually change throughout the varying seasons.

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