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Everything You Need For Your Home Office

Improve your efficiency and output with the perfect office furniture for you. Whether you work from home or an office building, find furniture that is not only stylish but conducive to your work when you shop with SLH. Choose from our large range of office furniture and storage options to create your perfect workspace.

Create Your Ideal Workspace

Maximise your organisation and productivity with the right office furniture for your workspace.  Whether you have a large study or a small corner to work in, you can personalise your space to ensure you are organised and productive.

Find the right Desk for you

A desk is the cornerstone of any workspace and finding the right one to suit you, your needs and your home can be a lot easier than you think.

Whether your space is small or large, there are options at SLH to suit you. Choose from simple, sleek desks, compact desks, desks with storage built in underneath or on top, or even opt for space saving options like wall mounted or ladder desks.

Just because your desk is practical, it doesn’t mean it needs to suffer from a lack of style. At SLH, our range of desks are contemporary and simple, and in many instances made from recycled materials, so not only will you be working well, but you’ve also chosen a piece that has a positivity environmental impact.

Keep your office organised

Office furniture is so much more than the desk and chair. Your office needs to be easily organised and tidy to ensure your productivity and output is top notch.

Organisation in your workspace no longer looks like outdated old filing cabinets. Opt for simple bookcases, wall shelving units with drawers built in, or modern filing cabinet designs made from recycled hardwood from old fishing vessels!

Match your storage units to your desk and other furniture to create a set that stands out. Our sleek modern designs allow you to keep your work organised and looking good at the same time.

Maximise Comfort & Productivity with Office Seating

No at home office or study is complete without seating options. Other than your desk chair, having other seating allows you to conduct meetings, and helps you shake up your work environment. It’s also an easy way to take a step back from the stress and take a load off.

Contemporary lounge chairs add a touch of modernity, class, and personality to your workspace.

Modern, Simple & Contemporary Designs

Our modern and minimalistic designs combine functionality, practicality, and style together to form furniture that is not only comfortable and easy to use, but will help you work efficiently, all while looking stylish.

Truly personalise your workspace and say goodbye to boring and outdated office spaces.

Shop with SLH fort your home office needs

At SLH we make our range of office furniture from high quality materials. Our focus is on sustainability and where possible we build our range from recycled and upcycled hardwood, timber, and other materials.

We value craftsmanship and artisanship, which allows us to create furniture that is unique, stylish, modern, and long lasting.

Whether you’re looking for a new desk, or to upgrade your entire office suite, at SLH we make it easy to create a stylish and practical home office space.

View our range of office furniture at our Sydney Showroom, or shop the entire range online. We ship Australia-Wide, and if you live in Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane, we have premium express shipping options available.

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