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All of Your Outdoor Furniture Online in One Place

If you're fortunate enough to have an outdoor space at your home, you know that there is nothing like spending a warm summer night relaxing under the stars.  The key to truly cherishing this experience lies in curating your dream outdoor space with the right furniture.

Living life outdoors is a treasured Australian tradition, and having the right outdoor furniture can make this experience even more enjoyable. SLH Furniture is at the forefront of transforming outdoor spaces into paradise with its stunning and unique range of HOUE outdoor furniture. This collection is available to purchase online, bringing the most durable, modern, and sustainable Outdoor Furniture Online right to your doorstep.

At SLH our large range of designer outdoor furniture has been curated and crafted to suit any home's outside space décor.  Our aim is to help you create a welcoming outdoor setting, with furniture made of the highest quality materials that are made to be durable and long-lasting.
Through our online store, we provide access to the most durable, modern, and sustainable new outdoor furniture, delivered right to your doorstep.

Embrace Sustainability with Bamboo Furniture

HOUE's range at SLH Furniture is not just striking in design; it's also an emblem of sustainability. Crafted using the most eco-friendly timber, bamboo, every piece of furniture combines elegance with a dedication to environmental preservation. The unique properties of bamboo also ensure durability, retaining the furniture's aesthetic appeal over the years.


How You Can Use Outdoor Furniture in Your Own Backyard

With many different types of outdoor furniture available, it can seem overwhelming when trying to select your own. 

Try thinking about how you use your outdoor space, and how you would like to use it.  Take note of the space you have available to you, there are so many ways that you can use this space and there are so many furniture options. 

Outdoor Tables

Outdoor tables make the perfect addition to both larger and small spaces.  An outdoor table can transform your space into an area where people can come together and share a meal.  Or they can be the perfect place to start your day, a solo retreat in your backyard, where you can eat your breakfast and take the day ahead in. 

An outdoor table can also be where you spend some time, getting some work done, or writing that novel you've been dreaming of.

Outdoor Chairs

Make the most of any size space with the addition of an outdoor chair or set.  With occasional chairs, outdoor dining chairs and outdoor bar stools, your space will be furnished with practical options, for dining, working, or just taking a little break outside. 

Outdoor Benches

Another popular outdoor seating option is an outdoor bench.  Able to seat multiple people, and with slimline options available, this can be a practical option when your outdoor area is limited in space. 

An outdoor bench seat is also right at home nestled amongst the shady trees in a backyard garden. 

Outdoor Lounge Settings 

Create a welcoming and relaxing retreat in your backyard with lounge-style outdoor furniture.  Sofa-style lounges and sun lounges in various configurations allow you to customise your backyard and work with your space confines, while outdoor ottomans and coffee tables made with weather-resistant materials will amplify comfort and enhance your relaxation.

Aesthetic and Practical Outdoor Solution

Designed by the talented Hendrik Pedersen, the HOUE outdoor furniture range is a great combination of function and aesthetics. The sleek silhouette and unique design make it an eye-catching addition to any outdoor living. Whether you're basking by the pool or enjoying a sunset from your patio, this outdoor chair is designed to elevate the ambience of your outdoor setting.

The Click chair isn’t merely a style statement; it’s a quality investment. It withstands the elements with grace and promises to boost your outdoor living experience. The Click chair is more than just an outdoor chair – it’s a testament to the timeless allure of Scandinavian design and the transformative power of well-made outdoor furniture. 

Personalise Your Outdoor Space with SLH's Outdoor Furniture Range

At SLH Furniture, convenience and customer satisfaction are of utmost importance. Offering free shipping on all orders above $2,500, the ability to browse and purchase your favourite Outdoor Furniture Online has never been easier. Transform your outdoor space today with our top-of-the-line, sustainably designed furniture that is just a click away.

At SLH, we value authenticity, artisanship, and sustainability.  We develop high-quality furniture from high-quality materials, and our outdoor furniture range has been built sturdy, and resilient, and will last you for years to come. 

Visit our Sydney Showroom to see our huge variety of outdoor furniture available or shop online.  SLH offers Australia-Wide Shipping, with premium express options for Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

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