Designing Your Home's Interior

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Designing Your Home's Interior

Decide on your style, pick your colours, mix patterns, and work from the ground up to decorate your home.

When tackling the interior design of your home, you may feel overwhelmed. There are a lot of decisions to make, and a lot of elements with which to work. It's challenging to maintain a cohesive style choice throughout your home when you have so many options.

There are some ways to streamline this process. Deciding on your style, carefully picking colours, thoughtfully mixing patterns, and working from the ground up are all ways to attack your interior design project. 


Your first step in decorating your home is to figure out your style. There are plenty of home interior design ideas to choose from, and yours might very well be a mix of two or more. Centring on a style can help you narrow down the field when you're later looking for patterns, textures, and colour combinations for textiles and furniture.

In the most general sense, you should discern whether your style is more casual or formal. Look at your furnishings, are they made of luxurious, hard-to-care-for material like suede, leather, or velvet? Or would your home invite guests to kick off their shoes and curl up in a cosy reading nook?

Once you've decided whether you lean more towards the casual or formal side, you can then start to narrow it down. Do you like the clean simplicity of modern décor, or do you appreciate traditional colour schemes and materials?

Figuring out whether your style is more contemporary or traditional can also help you hone your approach when it comes to decorating your home.

From there, it gets even more specific. Perhaps you already have some pieces of furniture with distressed paint, lending a boho-chic vibe to your style. Or maybe you have a few, solid, mid-century pieces and want to retain the clean look of this style.

For the interior design for a bedroom, choose calming, simple elements to induce sleep and tranquillity . Interior design for a kitchen is markedly different as you need to maintain a high level of practicality and workability when designing this room.


Colour Palette

An integral part of the balance in your interior design comes from the colours you choose.

An excellent guideline is to choose three colours and work them into your décor in exciting ways. You can use a colour wheel to identify compatible colours or just choose your favourite combination.

Ideally, your colour palette should pull your whole house together, with accents in one or another of your colours threading through each living space.

For example, pick one neutral colour, like a tan, and accent it with two others – teal and tangerine. The walls should be the most neutral colour in your trio and with the accent colours in your trim, throw pillows, and furniture .

You may also choose a monochromatic home, like an all-white décor. An all-white home also offers you the opportunity to add fun pops of colour throughout the house.



Another way to express your style in your home is through pattern, which can create a rich texture and interesting details to your décor. If you are inexperienced with interior design and want to play it safe, add one new pattern to your otherwise simple interior design in a rug, throw pillows, or blankets.

You can mix patterns, but it’s tricky. You have to balance the patterns in terms of size, colour, and frequency. If you are mixing patterns, aim for a common hue between two of them, but don't have them match the rest of your décor completely.


Start with the Floor

When you're beginning to build your style into your living spaces, start from the ground up. This tip simplifies the process, which can seem overwhelming at times. Decide on your ground covering first – hardwood floors, carpeting, or Persian rug.

With this decision out of the way, the next element to work with is your furniture. As you work your way up, your finishing touches will be the art you hang on the walls and hanging light fixtures to illuminate your space and create ambience.


The Takeaway

If you're just starting on your home decorating journey, you have a lot of self-discovery ahead. The process should be fun, not stressful. If you feel overwhelmed with choices or would like guidance, there are professional interior designers who make these decisions every day.

If you have a solid grasp on what you'd like but don't know how to bring your vision to fruition, talk to our team at our design studio. We can provide you with guidance and expertise while you still hold the creative reins. Our custom furniture designs can bring your interior décor to life.