Recycled Plastic Furniture Is the Future — Here’s Why

Recycled Plastic Furniture by HOUE

Recycled Plastic Furniture

The world is gradually embracing green, eco-friendly products. People are realising the impact of environmental pollution on society’s wellbeing. Top on the list is the impact of disposing of plastic waste like recyclable outdoor furniture.

For a long time, people have disposed of plastic waste in landfills. A significant portion of plastic waste also ends up in oceans, threatening marine life. Recycling plastic furniture offers a sustainable solution that can ease landfill pressure. Moreover, furniture from recycled plastic is often cheaper than when made from virgin plastic. Read on to know more about recycled plastic furniture.

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Great Plastic Furniture Properties

Plastic has superior properties to most, if not all, other furniture materials. However, it doesn't mean plastic doesn’t have its limitations. It means the subtotal of its properties often outshines other materials. For example, whereas glass furniture often seems more exquisite than plastic furniture, the former is more susceptible to cracking or breaking.

Below is a detailed review of plastic furniture properties:


Recycled Plastic Outdoor Rocking Chair in Olive Green Finish


Prolonged Lifespan

Furniture from recycled plastic has a longer lifespan than that from wood. It is a claim supported by scientific studies. Wood is organic, meaning it decomposes gradually. Thus, you may have to replace the furniture after several years.

On the other hand, recycled plastic furniture is inorganic and almost non-biodegradable, meaning it can stand the test of time. Thus, you do not have to replace your plastic furniture unless you want a makeover.

Maintenance Free

When purchasing household furniture, it is advisable to account for maintenance hassles and costs. You do not want furniture that requires regular maintenance and repairs to preserve its utility. For example, wood furniture requires regular maintenance to preserve its aesthetic appeal. Additionally, it stains more easily than recycled plastic chairs and tables.

Wood and metal furniture also chip their coating easily, needing frequent repaints and retouches. You will rarely find recycled plastic furniture with chipped coatings because the colour pigments are added during production. Such advantages ensure the sustainability of furniture made from recycled plastic.

Resilient to Termites and Moulds

Plastic also offers significant protection against termites and moulds. It is different from wooden furniture that can be damaged by termites, weakening its structural integrity. People using wooden furniture must proactively safeguard them to preserve their lifespan.

For example, they must keep wooden furniture away from wet conditions that favour mould growth. They must also avoid placing wooden furniture on soil or mud. You can avoid such hassles by purchasing outdoor furniture made from recycled plastic.

High Endurance of Sun and Water Exposure

Chairs and tables made with recycled plastic typically have high resilience against weather elements. They can remain outdoors for years with little to no deterioration. On the other hand, wood furniture is susceptible to weather elements like rain, extreme heat and Strong UV that can discolour it. Such conditions trigger rotting, undermining wood furniture’s mechanical and aesthetic properties.

The resilience of recycled plastic justifies why you should purchase outdoor furniture made from recycled plastic. You will save money in the long term, considering you may not have to replace them in your lifetime.

Easy to Wash

Recycled plastic furniture is easy to clean. Dirt does not adhere easily to plastic surfaces. Thus, you only need soap, water, and a cleaning cloth in most instances. You may also polish the surfaces to restore their shine. Furniture made from other materials often requires more work to clean. For example, wicker dining chairs would require detailed cleaning and proper drying; otherwise, the build-up of dirt particles can give a base for mould to grow.

The HOUE Difference in Eco-Friendly Furniture

HOUE is committed to producing furniture from recycled household furniture. The company understands that recycling plastic waste is integral to environmental conservation and maintaining a sustainable production chain. Theoretically, recycling plastic waste to make new products creates a sustainable, ‘circular economy.’

Specifically, HOUE uses recycled household plastic as its primary raw material; it has several benefits. First, collecting waste plastic furniture at the point of generation (from homes) prevents the recyclable plastic waste from being transferred to landfills. 

Second, producing furniture from recycled plastic reduces reliance on virgin plastic. Virgin plastic is unsustainable because it is sourced from non-renewable natural resources. The better alternative is recycling plastic waste and using it as the primary raw material while using virgin plastic sparingly.


Homeowners should consider recycled plastic furniture when furnishing their homes or planning makeovers. You will save money and contribute to environmental conservation. HOUE produces styled and customised recycled plastic furniture matching your taste and needs.

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