Creating a Relaxed Family Living Space

Creating a Relaxed Family Living Space

But how do you create a sense of relaxation in a living area if you don't have a beautiful outlook to inspire you? The best solution? Start with colours that make you feel calm and relaxed. Australian paint company, Taubmans, recently released the Taubmans Colour Emotion Study you can use as a starting point.

As Taubmans' spokesperson Tim Welsh explains: “We all instinctively know that the colours in our homes affect our moods. Now, Taubmans has research that scientifically proves that painting your walls in different colours can bring out a whole range of emotions. The right colours will make you feel relaxed and calm, or cheerful and excited, yet pick the wrong colour scheme and your walls risk making you feel bored, sad, tense and, worst of all, irritated.”

The study, involving 745 participants using the latest VR headsets to create three-dimensional immersive experiences to best capture emotional responses to a range of Taubmans colours.

Says colour consultant Grace Garrett, “As the place where we spend time with our families, clients often want their living room to have a relaxed or calm atmosphere. It's no surprise that softer, pastel tones are universally seen to foster these emotions, especially given our coastally skewed population.”

Within the Taubmans Colour Emotion Study, over 41% of participants voted Taubmans Seagull, a soft grey-green colour, as the most relaxing, while 38% of participants chose the gentle eggshell tone, Taubmans Morning Fog, as the most calming shade.

Once you have chosen your colours as the starting point for your living room scheme, it's time to decide on seating and other living room furniture. Make sure your seating is the right proportions for the room, is sufficient for all the family to be seated, has good back support and that it can be arranged with easy access to a coffee table or side tables. Think about what else you will need in the space, such as an entertainment unit or shelving units.

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