Creating a Relaxed Bedroom

Creating a Relaxed Bedroom

Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary and should be designed to promote relaxation and a sound night's sleep, as-well-as a place that efficiently allows you to prepare for the day. A truly relaxed bedroom will allow you to face each day with renewed verve and the energy to tackle anything the day will throw at you.

Here are some tips for choosing furniture and accessories to create a relaxed bedroom that will promote sweet dreams.

Make It Uncluttered

Clutter creates stress, not relaxation, so adequate storage is essential to a relaxed bedroom. If you don't have a walk-in robe or large built-in wardrobe, choose your bedroom furnishings with care to add extra hidden storage. Consider a bed with drawers built-in beneath it, bedside tables with ample drawers for small items such as ties, belts and scarves, a storage chest at the end of the bed, or innovative storage ideas. There are also lots of clever inserts now available for wardrobes so your clothes and accessories all have a place and are readily accessible.

Keep The Sound Down

A relaxed bedroom needs to be quiet. If traffic noise or other intrusive sounds are a problem, choose window coverings such as fully-lined curtains that will dampen noise. Carpet also has good acoustic properties and is your best flooring choice if intrusive noise is a problem.

Add Comfort Factors

A comfortable, stylish armchair or an ottoman at the end of the bed are useful for laying out clothes for the morning and as somewhere to sit to easily pull on shoes and socks. Your bed should have a backrest that is comfortable and supportive for reading in bed or scrolling through the latest news or checking social media on your iPad at the end of a long day. Sure… blue light etc but let's be honest, we all do it.

Make sure your choice of bedside tables have a surface large enough for all your bedside needs such as a book, glass of water, your mobile phone or alarm clock, bedside lamps etc. Save room on the bedside tables by placing pendant lighting or sconce lighting over each table instead of bedside lamps.


Lighting in the relaxed bedroom should be a mix of bright lighting, such as downlights, for dressing and cleaning the room, task lighting for reading or watching videos and soft mood lighting.

Artwork And Accessories

For a relaxed bedroom, avoid bold colours and patterns in fabrics and wallpaper and choose softer colours and smaller patterns. Keep decorative accessories to a minimum and choose a vase of flowers or some potted plants that will add a touch of nature and also improve the air quality as you sleep.

Finally, adding a soothing artwork and a chair will add the final touches of comfort and style to your relaxed bedroom, creating a true sanctuary for you to enjoy.

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