Create a Clutter-Free Home with These Storage Furniture Pieces

Create a Clutter-Free Home with These Storage Furniture Pieces

A clutter-free house means a stress-free life. When things are organized at home, you instantly pick up some good vibes and feel a sense of peace.

Good thing decluttering a place is not rocket science. There’s no messy and chaotic space that a piece of storage furniture and some tidying up can’t fix.

That’s why in this article, we’re listing down the best storage furniture that you must have in your own home. We’re talking about not just the stylish ones, but most importantly, the most functional and durable pieces that you can find.

But before we get to that, we’ll take a little detour and teach you how to pick the best furniture for storage that fits any kind of space.

Before you buy your home storage furniture

Shopping for bespoke furniture pieces can be exciting, that’s for sure. But jumping right into the showroom and buying all the pieces you set your eyes on is the last thing you would want to do.

If we were in your shoes, we’d plan everything first so that every furniture item will sit perfectly in any area of the house.

Below is an easy-to-follow strategy that you can copy to make sure that you’re splurging your hard-earned money on the right furniture pieces.

1. Define your storage needs

Most people forget that furniture is essentially a functional piece more than an aesthetic accessory in the house. That’s why before buying anything, it’s important to define first what kind of storage that your living room, kitchen, or bedroom needs. Do you need a shelf where you can stack your books? Or a closet where you can hang your daily outfits?

Depending on what your room needs, the type of home storage you must look for will ultimately vary.

2. Figure out your style

Now that you’ve defined what kind of storage you’ll need, figuring out your visual style is the second step.

Nothing is more satisfying than looking at furniture pieces that create a visual harmony with the space.  This is something that everyone should strive for. Whether you’re designing your living room from scratch or renovating it for a fresh, new look.

Styling a room by following a theme and playing with accent colours, textures, and furniture materials will help to give your space a personality that’s uniquely yours.

3. Get the measurements right

You know you’ve done an awesome job designing a room when every piece of storage furniture lines up perfectly. No awkward nooks, no electric sockets being covered, and no spaces or corners that are left empty or feeling bare.

This can be easily achieved by finding the right measurements of both the living room, office or whichever room you’re working on, and the furniture you wish to fit in your space. Once you’ve done those, arranging them all together in a floor plan is a piece of cake.

4. Prioritise durability

Storage pieces like chest of drawers and cabinets are the types of furniture that you’d want to last. It’s mainly because their load of household items increases over time. Especially if you’re the type of homeowner who never lets go of stuff.

That’s why every time you’re out there shopping, never settle for cheap items with a wobbly build. Instead, invest in furniture with a sturdy structure.  

5. Choose sustainable options, if possible

Sustainable furniture is the future, whether you believe it or not. The aesthetics and durability of sustainable home pieces are on par with that of the traditional ones. Not to mention, sustainable furniture has a lesser impact on the environment. So as much as possible, include sustainable options on your checklist.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s go straight to the meat of this piece. Below are some of the best storage furniture items that you must have in your home right now.

Best Storage Furniture Pieces You Must Invest In

1. Drawers

When you think about buying some furniture for storage, the first item that comes to mind are the good ol’ pull-out drawers. They’re an easy choice when you’re looking to provide additional storage and bring a unique characteristic to any space in your house. 

Depending on how much storage you’ll need, there’s a perfect set of drawers that can give you that extra space. Check out your options below.

Chest of Drawers

No matter how big and full you think your closets are, there’s always going to be miscellaneous stuff that you can’t seem to figure out where to store them. This is where storage furniture items like Karpenter’s Large Solid Chest of Drawers come in. This chest comes with six soft-closing compartments that will give you that space you need.

The best thing about a chest of drawers is that you can easily categorize your items since there are six drawers. If you want to organize your stuff even more, you can also buy separate drawer dividers or inserts to maximize the space inside the drawer.

Another thing that we love about our chest of drawers is that you can use them in many ways. You can use it as a dressing table, a kitchen cutlery cabinet, or a toy organizer for your kids.


Tallboys are basically a chest of drawers, only slimmer and taller. They’re a great option if you have narrow spaces where a normal chest of drawers won’t fit in. Tallboys make good use of the vertical space and as a result, you get more drawers for storage. 

You can also place a tallboy anywhere in your house and it will easily fit right in. Whether it’s in the hallway, in the living room, office, or the family room, it can make the area look neat and organized.

To give it a more personal touch, you can display family pictures, lamps, or plants on top of the tallboy so that it won’t feel empty and boring.

2. TV Units

Exposed wires and cords of your TV monitor, speakers, and game consoles can easily make a room look painfully unpleasant. Not to mention the miscellaneous stuff like remotes, CDs, and headphones that litter the area when not stored properly.

That’s why every living room or a family room needs a TV unit or a media cabinet. It makes your whole entertainment set-up look cleaner and clutter-free as they hide all the messy wires and plugs.

Most importantly, it provides a proper home for your gaming consoles, speakers, and other gadgets that you need for your entertainment area.

Aside from the TV monitor itself, you can also store other accessories like books, WIFI routers, or home air fresheners on top of the media cabinets for added style and functionality.

Check out our collection of TV units and media cabinets and see how they can perfectly match your room interior design.

3. Shelves

Not all household items must be enclosed in a drawer or a closet. Things like books, pictures, and other accessories are meant to be displayed to provide some character to your room. This is where you can put our range wall shelves and units to good use.

Our handcrafted shelves come in many forms, shapes, and sizes so you won’t be stuck to just one style. Below are some great options for your shelving needs.

Wall Units

If you’ve got a modern-looking space, a shelf like the Karpenter’s Soho Wall Unit Double will be a great addition. You can either display your books, some vases, plants, scented candles, and other accessories that will further enhance the vibe of your space.

The best thing about this unit is that it’s an adjustable shelf so you can reconfigure everything once in a while. See more of our wall units here.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves or wall-mounted shelves are trending these days. Not only do they enhance the minimalistic theme of a space, but they can also serve as an aesthetic piece of art on a boring wall.

Just look at the Kleo’s Look Shelves. The recycled boat wood panels and powder-coated metal frame form chic rectangular shapes that come in different sizes. Once you’ve installed these pieces, they will instantly transform your off-white wall into a functional piece of art.

Ladder Shelves

Installing ladder shelves is another great way to take advantage of your vertical space. Not only will they double up the space for your books, little potted plants and other accessories, but they will also enhance the design of your place.

If you’re currently redesigning a room or a home office in your house, check out our decorative and display ladders for additional storage and aesthetic touch!

4. Cupboards

When in need of storage for your crockery, cookware, glasses, and other utensils, cupboards are easily the best choice. That’s the reason why cupboards are a must-have in every room of the house, especially the kitchen.

Depending on how much storage you need, the size and number of compartments you’re going to need will also vary. Our collection of cupboards range from two-door cabinets to four-door versions, and a combo of open shelves and drawers.

All of our cupboards were built with functionality and style in mind, so you won’t regret a thing about scoring one!

5. Console Tables

Lastly, consoles. They are more than just a table. They’re a stylish piece of functional and space-saving furniture that gives any room that elegant touch. The best thing about these is that you can use them however you want. 

Sofa Consoles

These tables are normally placed against a sofa. This gives your living room an extra space for decorative pieces. Sofa console tables also act as a side table where you can store everything that you need right away like remotes, keys, sanitisers, and other tiny essentials.

Vanity Consoles

If you’re setting up a beauty corner in your room, vanity consoles are the best way to go. They normally have wider tops to accommodate your mirrors, your beauty kit, and other accessories.

Hallway Consoles

These pieces are a great way to personalize your home’s entryway. A personal touch in this area using a hallway console and a couple of family pictures will certainly delight family members and other visitors every time they come over. 

Have a look at our great range of console tables here.

Honourable Mentions

So, you’ve already seen the must-have furniture with storage for your house. But we’re not done yet. Below are some nice-to-haves that will certainly give you that extra space whenever you need some more.


When you have a tiny space, you can’t help but make the most of everything in your room. That’s why it’s only practical to own furniture pieces that have a dual purpose. Much like this East Stool Box that doubles as storage.

You can place it in your garage where you can store some tools, or in your kid’s playroom where you can store misplaced Legos and other small toys in the meantime.


Purchasing ottomans that double as storage is another space-saving idea that will greatly benefit your bedroom. It’s great storage for your bed sheets, extra pillows, and some blankets so you don’t have to tuck them all in under your closet.

Bedside Tables

If knowing that your whole bedroom is clutter-free puts you to a good night’s sleep, then a bedside table is worth the space beside your headboard. If you need one, make sure to buy a bedside that doubles as storage. Pretty much like this Koppar Side Table.

This way you can keep your night essentials like sleep masks, books, and reading glasses within reach.

Shop bespoke storage furniture items at SLH

Whether you’re designing your home from scratch or just rearranging stuff to make everything more organized, you’ll need a couple of storage furniture pieces from our great range of storage.

We pride ourselves on our handcrafted products because not only are they functional, but they’re also stylish, durable, and most importantly, 100% sustainable! Our home pieces are either made from responsibly sourced timbers or recycled wood to help mitigate the environmental problems that the planet is facing.

You can check out our range of storage solutions here. Or you can drop by our showroom in Sydney so you can touch, test, and see our works of art up close and personal.

If you like something (which is not surprising), just order them up and we’ll deliver it straight to you wherever you are in Australia. If you happen to be staying in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney, you can take advantage of our express shipping options.