5 Must-Know Tips to Choose the Right Outdoor Furniture Setting

5 Must-Know Tips to Choose the Right Outdoor Furniture Setting

Outdoor furniture sets the tone and purpose of a patio or balcony, and will ultimately decide the functionality of the space. Bars, dining areas, lounges, pool decks, and other areas each have their own unique needs depending on the number of guests expected.

Durability, comfort and practicality come first and foremost, but the colour and design of your furniture are also important to create an outdoor sanctuary with a coordinated style. With the number of different materials on the market, it can be tricky to sort through all the available options. Here are our top five tips for choosing the best outdoor furniture.


1. Deciding the Theme

No matter what purpose your outdoor seating area serves, it needs to have a cohesive look and allow you and your guests to move naturally as you enjoy the space. A specific theme can help you to choose furniture that reflects similar design elements while simultaneously enhancing the function of the space.

The theme can be anything from a specific colour to a style motif such as coastal, tropical or minimal. Determine the key features of your theme and look for furniture that mirrors those features.

For example, woven rattan furniture and cream and navy textiles can make for a luxurious nautical themed outdoor seating area. If you opt for a minimal themed outdoor setting, try furniture with clean straight lines made from wood such as teak in a natural finish that highlights the wood grain. This will add interest to your space without clutter.

You can also base your theme on the function of the space. If you are planning a spacious BBQ area, choose furniture that can accommodate your BBQ pit, a small food preparation area, and a dining setting. If you need a space to relax, an outdoor corner sofa with plush textiles, a hammock, or a lounger are the perfect choice to kick back and unwind.


2. Choosing Colours

Colours set the mood for your outdoor space. Dark, elegant colours like black and mahogany set a mature tone for bars and lounges. White and oak are great for sunlit spaces designed for informal parties and family gatherings.

The colour of cushions and fabric is also important, and they provide an excellent opportunity to play with patterns and textures. Bold, contrasting prints add a lot of personality to the area but choose coordinating colours that work well with your furniture. Mamagreen offers you the flexibility to create custom colours  for perfect coordination across all your furniture.

Using busy tropical theme prints can add fun summer flair , but they may feel out-of-place during the fall and winter. Consider using natural woven textures and neutral colours year-round to help the space feel warm but not artificial.


3. Best Materials for Outdoor Furniture

Furniture for outdoor settings can include a variety of materials, including plastic, wood, metal, and polycarbonate. Each type of wood and metal has its own strengths and weaknesses, and some are more resistant to fading and stains than others.

Using teak for outdoor furniture is ideal for anyone who needs sturdy furniture with the beautiful natural appearance of wood. It is robust and can hold up through years of exposure to the elements.

Cushions, pillows and umbrellas should be made from materials that are designed to prevent fading and mildew. Sunbrella is an excellent outdoor fabric that can withstand the elements for years in any climate .


4. Setting the Right Budget

Outdoor furniture is an important long-term investment, and high-quality furniture can continue to serve you for decades. Although it is possible to set up an outdoor entertainment area with just a few hundred dollars, the furniture may be vulnerable to damage from sun, wind, and rain.

High-quality materials hold up for much longer, requiring less frequent replacement, giving you more peace of mind. It’s better to spend a little extra money now than have to replace broken or faded furniture in a few years.


5. Have Measurements in Mind

When shopping for furniture, it’s important to know how much space you’re working with. Start by measuring the whole space, then considering how many people you want to fit. This can help you determine whether you can have oversized chairs and large tables, or if you need compact furniture.

You also need to keep in mind how much space you require for guests to walk and move around. Try mapping out your space using grid paper, taking time to sketch out fire pits, entrances, and the approximate location of furniture. With this vision in mind, you will be better prepared to select furniture that meets your needs.

Custom-sized furniture is a great way to meet your needs. We can create furniture that is tailor-made to your specifications , allowing you complete control over your outdoor setting. For the best way to get custom furniture fast, visit our store with your outdoor measurements and our staff can help you make the right furniture choice for your space.

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