From Ocean to Homes by Kleo

KLEO is known among fisher folks along the northern coast of Indonesia, because of our attentive concern about boat wrecks that litter the coastline. 

The boats have served coastal communities well for 40-50 years and once their useful life has come to an end we purchase these wrecks from the fisherman, giving them additional finance for their vessel, and free the coastline from this waste.

We then utilise the precious mixed hardwood timbers by upcycling them to create unique and functional furniture. The wrecks are stripped and transported to the factory for kiln drying. All bolts, nails and metal components are removed, and each piece is measured and recorded to use the various lengths into our furniture pieces whilst minimising wastage. Some of our collections have more  paint present on the final result showing the brightly coloured patterns and mosaics of the boat hulls. 

Each village has particular colours as insignia to recognise their origins on the high seas much like a football strip.  The different color schemes tell us where the boats come from. When at sea, even sailors have a desire to signal where home is, and each area uses their respective district colors.So in turn does your new Kleo furniture will tell a story of it's past and where it has come from.

    Upcycled Boatwood Timber

    The timber is a mixture of hardwood timbers sourced from old fishing vessels from North Java. Colour tones, knots, burrs and holes are evidence of its previous use on the high seas and are not considered as faults. Remnants of colours can also vary from piece to piece and is part of the uniqueness of the range. Each item will match in the design and size but can differ in the colour variation of timbers and tones, and the powdercoated metal finishes. Our images try to detail this as much as possible, so please note each piece will vary from the products shown from batch to batch. 


    Powdercoated Metal 

    All of the metal in Kleo furniture has a Powdercoated layer of paint applied.

    Powder coating in simpler term is an organic coating method where a fine powder type of a material is applied to the furniture. Thus providing a more much thicker coatings than conventional liquid coatings without running or sagging. 

    Also powder coatings contain no solvents and release little or no amount of volatile organic compounds (VOC) into the atmosphere. This process does involve the use of water, and to minimise wastage, the powder coating factory recycles the water multiple times to reduce wtaer wastage.