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    Buy Fire Pits for Your Outdoor Space

    An outdoor fire pit in any backyard is the ultimate attraction.  Providing a place for people to gather and enjoy the night sky, fire pits are mesmerising, beautiful and super versatile.

    At SLH, we offer a range of portable fire pits and accessories so you can enjoy the ambiance and entertainment only a fire pit can bring in your own backyard.

    What you can do with a fire pit in your backyard

    If you’re thinking about taking the plunge and adding a fire pit to your backyard space, some of the benefits you might experience include:

    Year-round entertainment

    The addition of a fire pit to your outdoor area makes your backyard usable all year long.  Often the backyard becomes neglected during the colder months, but the addition of a fire pit means heat and warmth.  You can enjoy the winter nights with a glass of red by the fire pit, or you can enjoy the long summer nights with a small fire creating an ambiance.

    Warm and inviting atmosphere

    A fire pit in any space attracts attention and is an invitation to gather round and enjoy the warmth of the flames dancing before you.  Whether it’s a fire pit for two, or a backyard party, the fire pit can create an atmosphere that cannot be replicated.  It’s a source of light, warmth and entertainment, all rolled into one simple outdoor accessory.

    An affordable upgrade

    If you’re looking to jazz up your backyard, a simple way to do this is with a fire pit.  Create a focal point in your outdoor space, one that makes the space more liveable and able to be enjoyed at any time. With extra lighting, outdoor heating and the general ambiance created by the fire pit, it’s a simple upgrade that doesn’t require landscaping or renovations.


    The versatility of a fire pit may be obvious, but the fire pit is so much more than just a fire pit. It’s a way to add heating to the outdoor space and make it usable all year long, fire pits add extra lighting, it’s entertaining to watch the flames dance, firepits are inviting, they create a place for people to come together, they create an ambiance that cannot be replicated, and you can even cook on them!


    Many people love a BBQ, but there is something very exciting about getting back to our roots and cooking with fire.  At SLH, we offer a range of grill plates made for our fire pits, so you can enjoy enjoy flame grilled cooking or sautéing on the hot plate.  And of course, no night around the fire pit is complete without a toasted marshmallow.   

    Get your outdoor fire pit at SLH

    If you’re thinking about adding a fire pit to your backyard or outdoor area, then SLH has just what you need. We offer a range of fire pits that are sleek and modern in design. Our simple styles are versatile and can work with any home’s aesthetic. 

    Our range of portable fire pits are available to purchase online or instore. You can shop from anywhere in Australia, we ship Australia-wide, and offer premium express shipping options to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Or you can visit our showroom and see our fire pits and full range of indoor and outdoor furniture in person. Discover how we’ve styled some of our pieces and discuss our designs with our friendly team at the showroom. 

    If you have any questions about our range of fire pits or any of our designer furniture, get in touch with the team today.   


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