The Best Bar Furniture to Help You Create Your Own Cocktail Lounge at Home

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If you’ve been mulling over whether you should add a home bar to your home for a while now, take this as the sign you’ve been looking for.

Today, we’re going to tell you all about bar furniture and the essential pieces you need to create your own full-service bar at home.

But before we dive right in, go fix yourself a drink, because we’ve got a lot to talk about.

5 Essential Kinds of Bar Furniture

There are lots of different ways that you can create a bar at home, and whether you’re looking to dedicate an entire room to it or just a corner of the living room, there are some amazing options out there to help you.

Keep reading to learn about some of our favourite pieces of bar furniture.

1. Bar Cabinets and mini bars

Probably the most versatile, all-encompassing part of any home bar is the bar cabinet – well besides from the actual alcohol itself, of course!

The reason for that is that it’s a stand-alone and all-in-one unit. Bar cabinets are built to provide ample space to house your bottles of liquor and glassware, as well as all of the accessories you might need to fix all sorts of drinks. This way you don’t always have to go to the kitchen to find all the other bits and pieces you need to fix a drink.

With a bar cabinet, you essentially have a mini pub set up wherever you place it. And the great thing is, many of them are quite discreet and actually look like a small cupboard or storage unit.

They also come in different sizes and styles depending on your taste and needs. Check out some of our best bar cabinets below:


Two Tone Mini-Bar

Why you’ll love it:

- It’s made of pinewood and metal trim, so you get the raw and rustic aesthetic and feel of it

- It can house 16 bottles of wine and has ample storage for other bottles, glasses and mixers

- Comes with roller caster wheels so you can move it around the house!

- Has 2 extra pull-out drawers for more space

- You can fully close and lock this bar cabinet when the party is over. It shuts just like a chest.

For more details about this piece of beauty, click here.


roots mini bar

Roots Mini-Bar

Why you’ll love it:

- Simple, discreet and elegant design for modern homes

- Made from the ethically sourced oak frame and woven rattan doors from Indonesia

- The woven rattan doors allow for good air circulation

- Comes with 2 large compartments that can house all your home bar essentials

Buy this mini bar here:


2. Wine Racks

If you’re more of a wine drinker, or you’ve somehow ended up with a bit of a collection of wine, then you’re going to need somewhere to house it all – which is where a wine rack comes in handy.

While installing a wine rack in your new home bar helps to show off how much of a wine connoisseur you are, that’s not actually the main reason you need it.

Bottles of wine need to be stored in a horizontal position to keep the corks wet and prevent drying and crumbling. This correct position also keeps the unwanted air from making contact with the wine and affecting its taste. And proper wine racks are made to ensure you can store your wine correctly!

Check out some of our sleek and sturdy wine racks below:


wine rack

Chevron Wine Rack

Why you’ll love it:

- It can hold sixteen bottles of wine

- You can easily screw it onto the wall to save space

- You can place multiple units side by side to make a great wall feature

 Know more about this wine rack here.

 taylor wine rack

Taylor Wine Rack

Why you’ll love it:

- This big boy can house 30 bottles of wine! Which should be enough reason for you to buy this

- It has a sturdy benchtop that has a Zinc metal plate covering it so you can place your glasses and favourite drops as well as prepare drinks atop

- Anti-topple wall brackets are included so you can secure it onto the wall

You can get this wine rack here.


3. Bar Tables

If you’re building a home bar so that you can invite some friends over, a bar table is a must-have.

Bar tables are the perfect spot to strike a conversation with your drinking buddy, making you feel like you’re in an actual pub. Only this time, you can hear each other quite clearly.

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces, bar tables have an inviting quality about them – where you can sit and stand using them, making them particularly great when you have a large group of people over.

Check out these simple and practical bar tables we have available at SLH:


Woody Bar Table

Why you’ll love it:

- Can easily accommodate 3-4 people

- Its simple style makes it versatile and suitable for any style home

- It’s a piece of sustainable furniture made from teakwood scraps from big manufacturers

- It will blend perfectly in most room designs so you don’t have to shake things up in the entire space

 Buy this wooden table here.


zango bar table

Zango Bistro Bar Table 

Why you’ll love it:

- It’s made of reclaimed boat wood timber, to minimize the wastage of hardwood resources

- The iron legs increase the stability and durability of the table. Not to mention they give off a rustic vibe

- It can accommodate more than 5 people so you can invite the whole gang. You’ll need more seats though.

Speaking of seats…


4. Bar Stools

If you have a bar table, adding some bar stools in the space is a no-brainer. These bar stools are higher than the regular ones to perfectly match the height of a bar table. 

Having a dedicated set of tall chairs will make your bar tables even more versatile and it will give your guests a great view – even if it’s just in your backyard.

So, fix up those drinks while your friendly customers (or friends) are perched upon these great-looking bar stools!


Iron Worx Bar Stool 

Why you’ll love it:

- It’s made from teak remnants that have been ethically sourced from a family-owned Indonesian business

- The seat is contoured to make it comfortable while you sit on it

- Aside from its functionality, you’ll love its simple yet durable and versatile design

     Get it here!


    Universal Bar Stool 

    Why you’ll love it:

    - It doesn’t have back support, but it has comfortable padded seats

    - It’s stable and sturdy, thanks to the metal ring that supports the legs which also acts as a footrest as well!

    - The solid ash wood used in this chair is PEFC certified so you’re assured the material is sourced sustainably

      See more designs of sustainable bar stools here.


      5. Drinks Trolleys and Bar Carts

      Bar Carts, also known as drink trolleys, are a great option for your home bar for a variety of reasons.

      Firstly, in those smaller spaces, a bar cart can be a functional and stylish way to store and serve your alcohol and glassware, taking up less space than a bar cabinet or mini bar might.

      Secondly, they can be moved around easily and actually used to serve people from during parties and get togethers – making them superbly practical.

      And thirdly, they are very nice to look at. Even without your spirits and glassware adorning them, they are a gorgeous addition to any home.

      With these stylish and functional bar carts, you can either fix your guests some drinks or let them help themselves.


      Luxe Brass and Mirror Oval Bar Cart

      Why you’ll love it:

      - Its golden frame and mirrored design are nothing short of gorgeous

      - It has four roller castor wheels so you can move it around and serve like a true sommelier

      - It has two levels, so you have ample space for your collection

      - The art deco design has a timeless appeal to it

        Learn more about this stunning bar cart here.


        Luxe Drinks Marble Trolley 

        Why you’ll love it:

        - Its sturdy build with brushed gold finish exudes Mediterranean class, making it a perfect showcase piece

        - It has built-in wine racks and upside-down wine glass holders so you can store your wine collection properly. It can hold nine wine bottles!

        - It also has removable roller castor wheels so you can move it around or display it somewhere permanently

        - The marble top is a great area for you to be able to prepare your beverages upon!

          Get this drinks trolley here.


          If you still need convincing that it’s time to set up your home bar, well, keep reading because we’re going to tell you some great reasons why investing in quality bar furniture and creating your own bar at home is a good idea!

          Why design and build your home bar in the first place?

          1.    It’s perfect for entertaining

          If you love having guests over, whether it’s for dinner, just to chat or specifically for drinks, chances are you’ve already got some way to store your cocktail accessories. So, why not make a space dedicated to this purpose.

          Your guests might even enjoy playing bar tender in your new bar space.

          2.    No more paying for overpriced drinks

          We all know the feeling of going to cocktail bars and lounges and paying some pretty steep prices for something you could easily have made at home yourself.

          With your home bar, you don’t have to worry about finding somewhere to store your glassware and alcohol collection, so you’ll always have what you need on hand to make any cocktail!

          3.     No rude people, just smooth brandy, and some good company

          You never know who you’re going to run into when you’re out and about, and with your own home bar, not only are you the bartender, you’re also the bouncer!

          You can chill in the comfort of your own home!

          4.     You’ll never go thirsty again

          One of the best things about home bars is the convenience that they bring. Whenever there’s a moment that calls for a celebration, you can simply pop one of the bottles open and celebrate!

          Or when you just want to chill after a long day of hard work, you can pour yourself a glass and pat yourself on the back.

          5.      You can live out your Tom Cruise in Cocktail fantasies and become the best bartender out there

          Come on, admit it. We’ve all tried to emulate the quick hands and slick moves of Tom Cruise in the 1980s cult classic movie – Cocktail. And with your own home bar, you can practice all those smooth moves and see the tips roll in!

          Are you convinced already? If yes, there’s one last thing to do.


          Buy the best home bar furniture in Australia

          Now that you have the checklist of what to buy for your home bar, it’s about time to take those gorgeous pieces home.

          We offer a wide range of bar furniture for your home that is not just stylish and durable, but sustainable as well. Most of our furniture pieces are made from either recycled wood or responsibly sourced timbers, metals and bamboo.

          These materials will not only bring a unique style to your corner but will help nature a lot as well!

          Check out our whole collection of bar furniture here.