Choosing the Right Wall Art

Choosing the Right Wall Art

Wall art defines your home and adds personality, charm, and style to your new home.

It can be challenging to choose the right framed wall art for your home. You can choose by size, colour, or theme, but you should also follow your instinct and pick art that speaks to you on a personal level.

Tying together your décor with wall art shows off your personality and carries colours and themes through the whole of your house. Here is our guide to choosing the right wall art for every room in your home.


Kitchen Art

The kitchen is often neglected in terms of art. The practicality of the space does not inspire people to hang their best pieces on the walls, but kitchen art can be whimsical and fun and create an inviting atmosphere.

Choose pieces that won’t take up too much space as counters and storage are at a premium in the kitchen—instead, display wall art above cabinetry or over appliances. When it comes to selecting art for the kitchen, a good rule to follow is less is more as this room is already busy and chock full of stuff.

In terms of colours, you can bring some of the other hues on your design palette into the kitchen artwork to create a seamless look throughout your house.

Another option is to use colour psychology to create a distinct look in your kitchen. Red, orange, and yellow are often used in conjunction with eateries and restaurants as these colours may raise our metabolism and make us hungry.

The basic ideas for decorating your kitchen is to keep it small, whimsical, and light . There's already enough going on in the kitchen without overwhelming artwork.


Bathroom Art

Art is a wonderful way to add a pop of colour to a guest bathroom or create a serene theme to relax in your master bath.

Bathroom art looks great in pairs; either hang them side-by-side or choose two different sized prints to hang together to create a dynamic display.

As many bathrooms are limited for space, it is best to choose artwork with a neutral or minimal colour scheme to avoid making the room feel smaller. If you feel that paintings or wall art overwhelm the small space of your bathroom, opt for some exceptional and rare wallpaper . There are some beautiful designs available which you can use to cover either the entire space or create a single statement wall.


Bedroom Wall Design

The key to hanging art in your bedroom is to maintain a calm atmosphere. Your bedroom should be the place you come to sleep and wind down, so the art should inspire tranquillity.

Serene blues and greens look lovely in a bedroom and are conducive to rest, If you have a more modern and monochromatic style, consider some greyscale pieces of abstract shapes  or black-and-white photos.

The best two places for art in your bedroom is directly over the bed or on the wall opposite. Your headboard may be a work of art in and of itself so don't overpower an intricate headboard with artwork above it. Hang your art across from you so you can admire it while relaxing in your bed.


Living Room Art

This room is the place where you can put your most dramatic art. Usually, living rooms are the focal space in the house, and often it's the place where you receive guests. This is the room that's the most fun to decorate, and it also can be the most challenging.

For your living room, look for statement pieces, either canvas wall art or something more unusual. If you're buying art, measure your wall beforehand to make sure the wall space will accommodate it.

If you're hanging art above your sofa in the living room, ensure the artwork is not more than two-thirds longer than your couch. If you have a series of small pieces, like black-and-white photographs or small portraits, group them for an impressive gallery wall appearance. You can also mount floating shelves on your living room walls to display framed prints and add some exciting dimensions to your décor.


In Conclusion

Choosing the right wall art for your style doesn't have to be a chore. The art you chose should reflect your personality and design scheme. Each room has a different feel – kitchens are busy, bedrooms are tranquil, and bathrooms are versatile.

By threading one colour throughout your house and ensuring the art fits the room both in dimensions and design, you can find the ideal combination of style and sentiment for your home's wall art. We can help you find inspirational pieces that fit your home and personality.