Sustainable Materials from Houe

At SLH, we pride ourselves with the quality of the products that are available in our ranges and Houe products are no exception.
Keep on reading to explore what our furiture pieces are made of and how you can care for them.

    Upcycling Used Household Plastic 

    The FALK range chairs are made from 98% Recycled Household Plastic that has been saved from overfilling in our landfills or getting into our oceans. Also, the unique characters of the recycled plastic makes it more condensed and endurable than similar unrecycled plastic materials.

    As a natural consequence HOUE Furniture has been certified with EU-Ecolabel. This Label ensures that complying products are able to reduce the environmental impact created by production and consumption. 

    To produce these unique pieces HOUE has deployed an innovative approach to production that has not been seen before in Furniture Industry. 

    All pieces are made in Denmark.

    The largest member of the grass family - Bamboo

    Bamboo releases more oxygen than any other plants, actually 35% more than ordinary woods. This is caused by fast growth. 

    While it creates more oxygen than other woods it also recycles large amounts of CO2, it can absorb 30% CO2 while releasing as much as  35% oxygen, so choosing bamboo positively contributes to CO2 mitigation. In addition to being, a very fast-growing plant, bamboo is a very strong and hard material, much stronger than traditional woods. Bamboo is very stable and is affected only very little by humidity. 

    While Bamboo is a hardy material it still needs and appropriate care - we recommend you to, oil the bamboo parts before taking the furniture into use, and again after approx. 4 weeks, then as needed.

    Powder Coated Aluminum & Steel

    Powder coating in a simpler term is an organic coating method where a fine powder type of material is applied to the furniture. Thus providing a much thicker coatings than conventional liquid coatings without running or sagging. 

    Also, powder coatings contain no solvents and release little or no amount of volatile organic compounds (VOC) into the atmosphere, unlike other spraying methods. 

    The greatest benefit of Powder Coated metals is that they will last a long time in the harsh outdoor environments and will prevent the metals from rusting.