Tips For Choosing Outdoor Furniture For Your Home

Tips For Choosing Outdoor Furniture For Your Home

If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space at your home, you probably already know the joy of spending time outside. Whether it’s a relaxing morning with a cuppa or an evening entertaining friends with an alfresco dinner, outdoor living is made even better with high quality and comfortable outdoor furniture.

Balconies, patios, decks, backyards, front yards, and roof tops – no matter the kind of outdoor space your home has, you can transform it into an outdoor oasis with stylish, durable, and comfortable outdoor furniture. 

When it comes to finding the right furniture for your outdoor space, there are some critical factors you should take into consideration.

So, before you purchase your next piece of outdoor furniture, read our tips on how to choose the right furniture for your outdoor area.


7 things to think about before you buy your outdoor furniture


1.      Work with the space you have


Whether your outdoor area is big, small, or mid-sized, you want to get furniture that is going to comfortably fit the space you have to work with. There’s no point buying a sectional outdoor lounge for a small balcony, or only getting one side table for a sprawling backyard. But it’s not the size of the area, it’s also the shape – some outdoor spaces are more awkwardly shaped than others.

Before you purchase any furniture for your outdoor space, measure the area you have to work with and come up with a plan of attack. You can do almost anything with any sized space, many kinds of outdoor furniture are available in various sizes or can be customised to suit your area, it just takes some planning.


2.      Pay attention to the materials


It’s no secret that Australian weather can be harsh. Blinding sun in summer, humidity in tropical climates, rainy weather in winter, and even snow in some parts of this country.

When it comes to selecting outdoor furniture, you need to opt for materials that are going to withstand these weather extremes. Materials such as natural woods and timbers, aluminium, metals, and high-pressure laminate are all very durable options.

It’s also worth considering the eco-friendliness of the materials used to make the furniture. The sourcing and production of furniture can have a large negative impact on the environment when materials are not sustainable or ethically sourced. What people may not realise is that eco-friendly furniture can be just as strong, durable, and stylish as furniture that is less environmentally friendly. Learn more about sustainable furniture here.


3.      Consider the weather where you live


The weather obviously plays a role in how and when you use your outdoor space. And it should also play a part in the kinds of furniture you choose, both in terms of materials and the actual pieces of furniture.

Of course, as we mentioned earlier, you’re going to want to have furniture that has been made with materials that are able to endure all sorts of weather conditions.

But you’re also going to want to take careful consideration on deciding on the actual pieces, if you live in a cooler climate a fire pit might be a welcome addition to your backyard. If you live in a sunny place an outdoor umbrella could provide shade, and if it rains a lot, you might want to consider seating options that won’t collect pools of water.

The weather shouldn’t stop you from creating an outdoor space that you love, it’s just worth factoring it in when making your decisions.


4.      Choose furniture that has been made for the outdoors


While this point may seem obvious, especially given how much we’ve been talking about materials, it’s important to choose furniture for your outdoor space that has actually been made for the outdoors.

It can be tempting to opt for pieces that are more suited to the indoors, be it because of their style or even their price, but they are not going to last as long as furniture that has been made for the outdoors. And depending on their materials you might find that they are always damp and become mouldy or are more difficult to keep clean.


5.      Invest in quality


Choosing cheap, low quality outdoor furniture is only going to lead to you needing to replace it sooner rather than later. Being tempted by low prices and low-quality materials is more often than not, not worth it.

However, a high price isn’t always an indication of high quality. If you’re going to buy outdoor furniture, it pays to do some research.  You want to choose materials that will withstand all sorts of weather conditions. There are also some tell-tale signs of high-quality furniture including consistent finishing and tight well fitted joints.

In addition to these signs, strong customer service can also be an indication of high-quality furniture.


6.      Choose versatile pieces


Many pieces of furniture for your outdoor area can serve multiple purposes, and when you’re limited on space, which many of us are when it comes to the outdoors, dual purpose pieces can be a blessing.

Some of the most versatile pieces, particularly for small spaces include outdoor coffee tables and side tables, these can be used for serving food and drinks; as a place for lighting and plants; or even as footrests. Bar tables are another versatile and space saving piece, able to be used for dining and drinks, or as shelves and additional surface area.

You can also choose furniture that has inbuilt storage. You can often find many seating options, footrests and ottomans that can also be used for storage purposes.


7.      Don’t underestimate the importance of comfort


Your outdoor space should be a relaxing place for you to enjoy, so when it comes to choosing furniture for this area, comfort should be a priority.

High quality outdoor furniture can also be plush and just as comfortable as your indoor pieces. There are many luxurious pieces that can transform your patio, balcony, deck, or backyard into an outdoor sanctuary.

Day beds, sofa lounges, sectionals, and sun loungers are some of the best pieces to increase the comfort of your outdoor space. Other pieces like bar chairs and dining chairs can also be extremely comfortably, especially when attention has been paid to the design.


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