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Karpenter believes your home is the centre stage of your life. Your home is for comfort, safety and indulgence. Karpenter designs for the days you don't want to leave your house.

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Hugues Revuelta Hugues Revuelta was born in Bordeaux, France, and spent most of his childhood and adolescence there. His interest for design started at an early age from being surrounded by the aesthetics of European art and culture. He began travelling at the age of 18 and founded his first company for home decoration at the age of 25. His voyages took him to Southeast Asia where he was amazed by the different traditions and resources. He eventually decided to settle in Indonesia, where he created the Karpenter brand and started exporting his furniture globally.

When it comes to designing furniture for Karpenter, Hugues draws inspiration from the European design masters such as Gio Ponti, Franco Albini and Hans Wegner. 

Hugues' concern about the welfare of the environment encouraged him to manufacture with reclaimed teak certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), raising awareness for both the local community and the furniture export market. He uses other solid wood in his furnitures, such as walnut or oak, to achieve darker or lighter tones.


Karpenter's designs are classic yet playful and innovative, made to stand the test of time and changing trends. A strong attention to detail enhances their furniture's elegant lines and curves. However, at the heart of their design philosophy is the understanding that flawless proportions are determined by both aesthetics and comfort. They have refined this into an equation:

  Karpenter Motto    

Karpenter's design formula derives from this to guide their design. Karpenter is all about creative and contemporary furniture manufactured by skilled craftsmen using the best selection of solid wood. This concept is simplified into the brand's slogan, "designed by us, defined by nature".

Karpenter Bedroom

Using natural materials, Karpenter allows divine interventions to ultimately define their designs. Each piece holds a unique fingerprint and the end result is in the hands of nature. To Karpenter, furniture is visual art whose form is determined by practicality, timelessness and comfort. Their creative process starts with ideas inspired by nature, life, art, and fashion. A panel of professionals, designers, architects, and carpenters brainstorm until their ideas are ready to be realised by production managers who turn dreams into a practical reality.

Environmental Commitment

There's only one Earth, and Karpenter has pledged to minimise their impact on it. While all consumption has an impact on the environment, Karpenter works together with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and use only low impact sustainably harvested, recycled or reclaimed timber.

Karpenter Bathroom

The FSC is an independent, not-for-profit organization that works to promote responsible management of the world's forests. Karpenter has undergone a thorough audit by FSC to ensure that all the wood they use at all stages of the production cycle complies with international standards. Karpenter's American black walnut is sourced from sustainable forests in the USA that is managed according to principles of social justice, environmental responsibility and economic viability to ensure that its resources are renewable. 100% of their teak is recycled in Indonesia. As little energy as possible is used turning logs into solid wood planks and reclaiming used wood. In addition, solid wood can be renewed and recycled and will naturally decompose at the end of its life. At SLH we are committed to ensuring we are a class-leading eco-friendly Sydney furniture store.


Karpenter furniture combines different noble and natural materials sourced from environmentally sustainable suppliers. They love warm, uninterrupted wooden surfaces, but also enjoy playing with mixed materials that in combination create a whole greater than the sum of its parts. Karpenter believes the materials they use breathe soul into a piece of furniture. Reclaimed wood and recycled metals add history. Materials' colour and textural characteristics must be incorporated into the design of every piece. The nature of a specific material determines the creative process and redefines their ideas. This is especially satisfying with solid wood that gives every piece unique patterns.


Indonesian ForestTeak For FurnitureTeak
(tectona grandis)

The colour of teak is golden like amber. It is beautiful, extremely durable and requires very little maintenance, which makes teak an excellent wood for furniture. Karpenter uses recycled teak, but after restoration, the wood is as good as new. You'll especially love their teak furniture for the story it tells.


European White OakEuropean White Oak
(quercus robur)

This timber gives a charming and sophisticated look with its light to medium brown heartwood and appealing grain markings. It's rated as having very good resistance to decay, as it is very resistant to insect and fungal infections.


American Black WalnutAmerican Black Walnut
(juglans nigra)

This timber is loved for its dark heartwood, brown with shades of purple and streaks of gold. The wood is hard and durable yet easy to work with, and it can be turned into the highest quality furniture.