High-End Designer Furniture

Our expert buyer team scours the planet for contemporary homeware and furniture to suit your perfect home. Our huge range of unique furniture is specially chosen from the work of top boutique furniture designers and manufacturers to fit into the most stylish interior and exterior spaces. Our décor and furniture use recycled or sustainably harvested timber like hardwood reclaimed from old boats, teak approved by the FSC, European White Oak, American Black Walnut and plantation-sourced Mango Wood to reduce our environmental impact while utilising only the finest materials. We're also proud to offer highly skilled furniture customisation to fit your purchase to any design scheme or space, and many of our products can be built to order by our manufacturers with multiple timber, fabric or colour options.

We stock a range of tough, high end furniture products great for use in commercial and hospitality environments sure to outlast lower quality options. There's furniture here for every room in your home, be it the dining room, bedroom, living room or even outdoors for your patio, poolside or verandah. We offer suites and chairs ideal for any bar or café setting. If you are purchasing as a designer or retailer, you can take advantage of our wholesale prices by registering as a trader. Our staff are eager to chat with you about specialised or larger purchases where more detailed information and assistance are required.

Zafra Lounge Chair High Back - Black/Walnut/Telegrey Zafra Lounge Chair High Back - Black/Walnut/Telegrey MZA01M1T5F7 $1161.00
SIMPLY CITY LADDER DESK Simply City Ladder Desk - European Oak KSC003O $793.00
New Baia Outdoor Extension Table 230 Quilt 3-Seater PC MG5221 $5679.00
Circa Queen Bed Frame with Fabric Headboard - Pastel Wood Circa Queen Bed Frame with Fabric Headboard - European Oak KCC30O $4421.00
New Kaat Outdoor 2-Seater - Anthracite/Sanded Teak/Taupe Kaat 2 Seat WS Alu Dark Smoke MG2901 $3743.00
ak atelier dining table Ak Atelier Dining Table - Black Matte KAT03B $826.00