Nako Shelf (Set of 5)

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Nako Shelf (Set of 5)

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Contemporary Nako Shelf (Set of 5) French designer Damien Mazingue has delivered the Nako range, a clever blend of recycled boatwood timber & powdercoated metal. Geometric forms provide clever storage compartments with the use of a metal frame central to the design highlighted with timber panels to create functional furniture pieces with a light fresh approach. The Look Shelf set consists of box frame shapes which have eyelet sockets at the back of the wood shelf frame, or can be hung using the metal box frame. Placed together on the wall, they make a versatile geometric storage display.The timber is a mixture of hardwood timbers sourced from old fishing vessels from North Java. Colour tones, knots, burrs and holes are evidence of it's previous use on the high seas and are not considered as faults. Remnants of colours can also vary from piece to piece and is part of the uniqueness of the range. Each item will match in the design and size but can differ in the colour variation of timbers and tones.
Contemporary Nako Shelf (Set of 5)
Material Reclaimed Boat Wood/coated Iron
Dimensions W 65/50/40/20/25 X D 15/15/15/15/15 X H 40/35/30/35/75 Cm (5pc)
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